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Amazing Baby Yoda Pumpkin

Baby Yoda Pumpkin

Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween on Between the Pages Blog.

2020 has been a really rough year. Sadly, most people’s Halloween isn’t going to include trick or treating or costume parties. So I’m trying really hard to bring you a ton of fun Halloween pumpkins, cakes, and cookies all October. Hopefully these posts will bring a smile to your face and let you forget about the world for a few minutes. If you like pumpkin carvings, Scooby-Doo, Nightmare Before Christmas, or The Haunted Mansion, you’ll love the next month.

By far the most popular new character since Halloween 2019 is The Child, aka Baby Yoda! This amazing pumpkin carving was created by Marc Evan from Maniac Pumpkins Carvers. My favorite part of this pumpkin is all the tiny hairs standing up on the top of his ear and head. That level of detail is stunning. I’m terrible at carving pumpkins, so I’m always amazed at the exquisite detail that pumpkin artists are able to create.

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