Movie Marquee Cake Tutorial

Movie Marquee Cake

Movie Marquee Cake

This Movie Marquee Cake Tutorial tells how I made this Movie Marquee Cake to celebrate the 70th birthday of someone who loves moves and attends hundreds of movie openings a year.    The customer requested a semi-naked cake with very little icing. I created a Movie cake topper to highlight the birthday person’s love of movies and cinema.   This tutorial contains my Amazon affiliate links to show the products that I used.  If you like this tutorial please use the links to purchase the supplies.

To Make the cake topper:

I found a shape I liked on the internet. Next I cut out the shape 2 times from foam board – One for the front and one for the back.  I glued jumbo skewers between the 2 foam board pieces to create the sign. Thirdly, I taped all of the edges together so the fondant would not go in between the 2 pieces. Fourthly,  I covered the sign in piping gel so the fondant would stick to the foam board.  

Fifthly, I rolled out fondant for the back of the sign and attached it.  Sixthly, I rolled out fondant for the front and sides of the sign and attached it using piping gel.

Seventhly, I cut out Tappit letters for the white part of the sign and placed them on using piping gel. Because I used Tappit letter cutters for the sign, their size dictated the size of the writing inside the white of the sign.

 Eightly, I cut out the red fondant top part of the sign and attached it using piping gel.  Ninethly, I cut out the workdCinema using Wilton letter cutters and rolled them to make them larger and the size I needed.

I also cut out circles using the patterned side of the Wilton circle cutters above.  In addition I used a star cutter on top of the circles to make the pattern above Cinema. Next I used an extruder to make the yellow border on the top and bottom of the sign.

To Make the Cake:

I used a 16 inch by 4 inch by 4 inch loaf pan to bake a carrot cake.  I made a cake board from foam board that exactly fit the cake and covered it in press and seal wrap. Next I cut the carrot cake into 3 separate layers and placed white chocolate ganache raisin filling between the layers. I placed a very thin coating of  white chocolate ganache icing on the top and sides to make it semi-naked cake.  

To Make the Cake Board:

I cut out a wooden piece of plywood into a 18 inch by 7 inch rectangle. Next I anchored the cake to the center using royal icing and  made and placed burgandy fondant bricks/ wood planks all around the cake.  I attached the bricks using piping gel. 

I used the Wilton Texture mould for cobblestone and wood planks to make the bricks.

To attach the sign to the cake:

I placed 3 straws over the Movie Marquee sign dowels and placed the straws into the cake. I needed to make sure the straws lined up exactly with the dowels.  Next I cut the straws off level with the top of the cake. I cut the dowels to a height about 1/4 inch off the cake.  I placed the dowels inside the straws so that I could add and remove the sign without getting cake all over the dowels. My straws where almost the same size as the dowels.  If the straws were slightly bigger, I would have put some fondant inside the straws to give a dowels a more snug fit.

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Graduation Cookies Tutorial

Red Blue Purple Graduation Cookies

This graduation cookies tutorial tells how I made these 3 sets of graduation cookies that I made for graduates this year. I’ve also included some affiliate links of products I used to make these.

Steps for Making Graduation Cookies

Plan cookie design

The first step to making these cookies was to plan what they would look like. When I started planning these cookies, I looked at many different graduation cookie designs.  It took a while to find designs that I really liked. I decided to make diplomas and graduation cap cookies. First, I decided the graduation cap and the bow would be the same color. Next the rolled up diploma would be represented by a white swirl created with royal icing.  In addition, the design feature that I really liked was a multicolored tassel.   I saw graduation cookies by NY Cookies by Victoria.   and really liked the way she did multicolored tassels so I made these on my cookies.  

Purchase cookie cutters

The second step is to purchase cookie cutters or manually cut out the cookie shapes desired. I already had hat and diploma cookie cutters and I used them.  Here’s a link to the hat cookie cutter.  


Make Cookies and Flood Cookies with Royal Icing

Next, I made vanilla cookies using Lila Loa’s recipe. I let them sit on paper towels over night to let any excess butter go onto the paper towels and not bleed through the royal icing later.  This happens more with dark colors like reds and is more likely to happen the thinner the flood icing. Next I flooded the cookies with royal icing.  I used a 15 to 20 second icing for the flood icing and a stiffer consistency to outline the shape first. I used strained reconstituted powdered egg white to thin the icing to flood consistency instead of just water.  

After this, the cookies need to dry for several hours. I used a dehydrator for about 10 minutes, then put the cookies in front of a fan. Do not leave cookies in a dehydrator too long or the butter may start to bleed through the icing and discolor the cookies.  I highly recommend a fan to speed drying time so cookies do not develop cracks or bubbles in the icing  from drying too slowly.

Add decorations to cookies

The third step is to use colored royal icing to make the bow and tassel.  Again, I used a thicker consistency to outline the bow and flood icing to fill in.  The red bow was made using only thicker icing since it was a little thinner than the other colors.  I used a Wilton and a PME 2.0 decorating tip to make the outlines and a PME 1.5 decorating tip to make the white scroll on each diploma.



Purple Blue Red Graduation cookies


Purple and Gold Graduation Cookies

Purple Graduation Hat Cookies


Firstly, I made purple graduation hats with purple and gold tassels and diploma cookies with purple ribbons. These were made for someone who graduated from Dekalb School of the Arts in Atlanta.

Blue and White Graduation Cookies

Blue Graduation Hat and Diploma Cookies

 Secondly, I made blue graduation cap cookies with blue and white tassels.  In addition, the diploma cookies were white with a blue ribbon and white royal icing to show the diploma rolled up. The graduation cap cookies were blue with a blue and white string and tassel.  I made these cookies for twins who were graduation from Howard High School in Maryland.

Blue Graduation Hat Cookies

Red and White Hats and Diploma Cookies

Red Graduation Hat Cookies

Thirdly, I made this set of red and white cookies for someone who is graduating Stanford’s middle school online program and moving into their High School Program.  These are red graduation cap cookies with red and white tassels. I flooded the cookies with white royal icing then painted them with red powder with a small amount of vodka to make it liquid.

Red Graduation Hat Cookies


In addition, He is also a baseball player so I made one of the cookies to look like a baseball. The baseball cookie was based on a design by Cute Little Cookie. I used a red edible marker to draw the baseball lines.

Packaging the Cookies

Once the cookies are decorated, let them sit overnight to make sure all cookies are dry.

I packaged them with these clear bags. They are self sealing and the cookies show through nicely.

Purple & Gold Graduation Cookie Set

The purple and gold graduation cookie set packaged.

The purple cookies are being hand delivered so  they are on a plastic tray with a white doily. A sheet of plastic wrap is on top to keep them in place.


Red & White Graduation Cookie Set

The red and white graduation cookie set packaged.

The blue and white cookie set packaged.

Boxing the Cookies

Shipping Graduation Cookies

In order to prepare for shipping. I used a medium flat rate priority mail box. Firstly, I placed bubble wrap in the bottom. Next, I put in a piece of tissue paper. Then I wrapped each cookie in a hand-made sleeve of bubble wrap to further protect each cookie so they are not damaged in shipping.  Next, I used black and gold confetti stuffed below, above, between the cookies where needed to fill in any extra space.  

Once all the cookies are in the box, I closed the tissue paper. Then I put in the graduation card. I placed extra bubble wrap on top to make sure the cookies do not move in shipping.

Other Graduation Cake and Cookie Ideas

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Pink & White Rapunzel Cake

Pink and White Rapunzel Cake

Pink & White Rapunzel Cake

This pink & white Rapunzel cake is a two tier cake decorated with a fondant drawing of Rapunzel and Pascal and fondant lanterns that spell out the birthday name and a yellow sun with the number 5 for the birthday age.

I made this Pink and White Rapunzel Cake for Icing Smiles for a 5 year old girl’s birthday party. I love doing cakes for Icing Smiles for medically fragile children and their families.  This girl was a Rapunzel fan and wanted a pink and white cake of her favorite Disney Princess.

Fondant Rapunzel

Fondant Rapunzel Drawing

I started by drawing Rapunzel onto a piece of fondant. She was inspired by a Disney limited edition drawing by Tim Rogerson called Flowers in Her Hair.  Next I painted her with edible paint dusts. I painted using a dry paint method and a meat baster to blow off excess dust.  Multiple layers of paint dust was applied to give different shades of a color. In addition, Pascal was drawn onto a separate piece of fondant that was painted. Then it was attached to Rapunzel.  It is very helpful to have something like the Camera Lucida app to project the desired image onto the fondant.

Next, I cut out lantern shapes using cookie cutters and used tappits to cut out the letters of the birthday name and the number 5. I hand cut the yellow sun for the front of the cake.


Make and color cakes

I made 9 inch and 4 inch barrel cakes and covered them in fondant. First, I covered the top of the cake. Then wrapped the sides in fondant. Then I used a tear drop shaped sponge covered with a paper towel to make the modeled pink pattern on the cake.  I used a paper towel for the bottom edge.  Next, I mixed electric pink paint with vodka to make a thin liquid to apply to the cake. 

Next, I made a cake board using 12 inch cardboard cake circles hot  glued together. I made sure the grain of each board was 90 degrees off set from the one below it to make it stronger.  Then I hot glued a ribbon around the edge. For detailed pictures, take a look at Sugar Geek Show Cake Board Tutorial.

The birthday girl wanted sprinkles on the cake, so I placed some one the back of the cake and attached them with piping gel. In addition, I gave her a large bag of fresh made pink sprinkles to put on the cake wherever she wanted. Both the sprinkles and the piping gel were easy to make.  The sprinkles tasted very good since they were very fresh. I also used sprinkles to cover the fondant seam at the back of the cake.

Finally, I cut out small flowers and placed the candles through the center to make a flower decoration around each candle.

Rapunzel Cake

Here’s a picture of the cake at the party.

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Splendid Harry Potter Cake Tutorial

Harry Potter Cake

This Splendid Harry Potter Cake Tutorial is a single tier cake that looks like Harry’s Gryffindor shirt, tie, and robe.  

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

This is the fourth of 4 posts featuring Tracey’s tutorials of Harry Potter cakes.  She does such a great job that I wanted to share all of them with you.

The sorting hat is on top of the cake. Harry’s broom is beside the cake.  The birthday age 10 is written with the 1 as a lightning bolt.  There is a purple bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans beside the cake.

I like the way the birthday name has a lightning bolt as the bottom of the letter Y.

Here’s a terrific tutorial that Tracey made on how to make this cake.  Please take a look at her Youtube channel to see other great tutorials.

For Harry Potter Party ideas, check out this Hagrid’s Hut Cake tutorial,and this Monster Book of Monsters cake tutorial, and this Hogwarts Style Castle cake tutorial with Dobby