Wonderful Hagrid’s Hut Cake Tutorial

Hagrids Hut Cake tutorial

This wonderful Hagrid’s Hut cake tutorial features a 3-D sculpted cake with Buckbeak in front guarding the pumpkins.

This wonderful cake was made by Tracey Rothwell of  Little Cherry Cake Company.

This is the first of 4 posts featuring Tracey’s tutorials of Harry Potter cakes. She does such a great job that I wanted to share all of them with you.

Buckbeak is a hippogriff that lived with Rubeus Hagrid while Harry Potter was at his 3rd year at Hogwarts. Buckbeak was later renamed Witherwings.

I love the detail on this cake.

Notice the separate shingles on the roof and the stone pattern of the building walls. The moss on the roof has be shaded multiple colors to add its realism. Everything is shaded to add depth and dimension. Buckbeak’s eyes make him look vigilant while guarding the pumpkins. The individual leaves around the pumpkins are a nice touch.

Tracey is one of my favorite bakers. She is so talented.


Hagrid’s Hut Cake Tutorial

She has this terrific video on how she made this cake.  Please be sure to check out her youtube channel for more terrific cake tutorials.

For Harry Potter Party ideas, check out this amazing Hagrid’s Hut cake and this splendid Hagrid’s Hut cake with a view of the kitchen.

Marvelous Alice in Wonderland Tiered Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This marvelous Alice in Wonderland Cake is a tiered cake featuring Alice, the White rabbit, the Queen of hearts, and the Mad Hatter. 

This wonderful cake was made by Amandas Little Cake Boutique.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice is sitting in a teacup on top of the cake. Her eyes are brown to match the color of the birthday girl’s eyes. The teacup looks like it was made using gumpaste.  It is thin to look like a delicate china cup.  A gold key is beside the teacup.

I like the gold lock on the cake layer below that is a match for the gold key. Long blades of green grass are beside it.


Alice in Wonderland Cake

The middle of the cake is a glass bowl with the fondant figures of Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit inside.

The bottom tier is light blue with a gold gate in front. Gray steps lead up to the gate. Flowers with faces are on either side of the steps. Long green grass blades are beside the gate.  They match the ones on the tier above and tie them together.

Both tiers are light blue. 

The Mad Hatter is beside the cake, holding an empty desert plate in his hand.

All of the figures on this cake look terrific and are modeled after Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animated movie characters.

Tracey at Little Cherry Cake Company made a nice tutorial on how to use a glass bowl separator.


For Alice In Wonderland party ideas take a look at this hand-painted Alice cookie and this hand-painted White Rabbit cake and this Cheshire Cat cake.

Star Trek Pies Tutorial: Picard & Riker

Star Trek Pies

I made these pies for my husband’s father who is a big Star Trek fan.  I usually decorate wedding cakes, celebration cakes, and cookies,  so this is my first time decorating a pie.  He really likes Star Trek: The Next Generation and he wanted pies so I made a Captain Jean Luc Picard Pie and a Commander William Riker Pie.

I have featured a Jessica Rabbit Pie and a Grover Pie by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pie are Awesome (aka The Pious).  She makes some terrific pies so I watched some of her videos on how to make decorated pies.

Videos on how to make decorated pies

Here’s a terrific video she did on how to make Disney Princess Pies.

And another on Mother’s Day pie ideas. I love the portrait of her mother that she did at the end.

Both videos gave me good ideas on how to do a decorated pie.

How I Made these Star Trek pies

I made a test pie to test out some ideas since this is the first time I have done decorated pies. First, I cut out border and then the stars in the border.  The crust was not frozen enough so the stars distorted some and the crust cracked around the stars. Second, I made a peach pie. Third, I placed the decorated border on top of the pie, then covered it in foil and baked it.  Fourth, when the pie came out of the oven, some of the crust stuck to the foil so a small piece of the decorative circle broke off the pie when the foil was removed.

Final Picard and Riker pie Steps

First, for the final pies, I decided to cut the stars from another piece of dough and add them to the crust using egg white.  Second, for the circle around the edge of the pie, I cut out the outer circle with the pie plate turned upside down. The inner circle was cut using a bowl edge.

Third, I painted the character images onto the extra inside circle, then cut around the drawing.

Fourth, I used the iPhone Camera Lucida app to help draw the pictures.

Fifth, I baked the characters and the circle separately from the pie for 12 minutes at 400 degrees. 

Star Trek Pies

Here’s a picture of the decorated pie tops before they were added to the pie. I baked all decorated pieces separately from the pie.


I used an apple pie recipe from Rose Beranbuam’s  The Pie and Pastry Bible.   Everyone said the apple pies I made were really delicious.  My test pie used her peach pie recipe and it was really good too.

Riker Pie

My picture of Riker is based on an Art Marker Pen Sketch Drawing Poster of him on the internet.

Star Trek Riker Pie

Here’s a picture of my finished Riker Pie.

Picard Pie

Picard Star Trek Pie

Here’s a picture of my finished Picard Pie.

My picture of Picard is based on a silhouette painting done by  carbon copy arts.

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Splendid Disney Cars Cookies

Disney Cars Cookies

Disney Cars Cookies

I made these Disney Cars cookies featuring Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Luigi, Guido, and the Cars symbol for a Christmas present for two of my great nephews.

Steps On How to make these cookies:

First, I looked for a design that could be placed onto a 3 inch round cookie.


The OKIDOKIDS video above is a nice tutorial on how to draw these Disney Cars characters.

Second, I cut out round cookies with a 3 inch cookie cutter and baked them.

Third, I flooded them with white royal icing and let it dry completely.

Fourth, I drew the design of each character onto each cookie.


Black and White Disney Cars Cookies

Black and White Disney Cars Cookies


Fifth,  I added royal icing and painted them. The royal icing gave the characters color and dimension. This was the first step after the flooded cookies dried.

Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater Cookies

Lightning McQueen &Tow Mater Cookies

First, I made a Lightning McQueen cookie using red royal icing for his body and white royal icing for his headlights.  Next I painted the headlights yellow and gray. 

Second, I made the Tow Mater cookie using medium stiff brown royal icing to give him a rough appearance to show his paint is older and rusting. 


Luigi and Guido Cookies

Luigi and Guido Cookies

Third, I painted the Luigi cookie yellow and painted his headlights, mirrors, hubcaps, and bumper silver. Next, I made his hat using black royal icing.

Fourth, the I painted the Guido cookie blue, and his fork-lift was black royal icing.


To see more, check out these wonderful Disney Cars Cakes and Cookies.