Hogwarts Style Harry Potter Cake

Hogwarts Style Harry Potter Cake

This Hogwarts styled Harry Potter cake is a 2 tier castle cake painted in the colors of Hogwarts school.

This wonderful cake was made by  Little Cherry Cake Company.

This is the third of 4 posts featuring Tracey’s tutorials of Harry Potter cakes.  She does such a great job that I wanted to share all of them with you.

Hedwig is flying near one of the towers.  A golden snitch is near one of the other towers. Dobby is sitting on the top of the castle door. A Hogwarts student with a Gryffindor scarf is standing beside the cake.

A black circle with a number 8 is near the top of the cake to represent the birthday age. Each tower has a black spire and all the bricks are light brown.

Here’s a terrific tutorial that Tracey made on how to make this cake.  Please take a look at her Youtube channel to see other great tutorials.

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