Cakesicles Star Wars

Star Wars Cakesicles With Droids, Baby Yoda & Leia

Star Wars Cakecicles
Star Wars Cakesicles With Droids, Baby Yoda & Leia

These Star Wars cakesicles with droids, Baby Yoda & Leia are adorable. Since most of the characters are predominately white, your attention gets drawn to the brown and green of Baby Yoda.  Also notice the texture of his collar and cuffs.

These wonderful cakesicles were made by gifavarati confeitaria.

In addition, R2-D2 and BB-8 are lying on their back so just the front and sides are decorated. These droids heads may be a separate piece of fondant.

The Princess Leia cakesicle has the classic look with her hair in buns on either side just like in the Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope movie. Her dress is white fondant.

A Stormstrooper cakesicle is covered in white chocolate candy melts and has black and gray fondant details.

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