Bambi – Terrific cakes featuring Bambi and other characters from the Disney movie.

Bambi Party Cookies & Cakesicles & Cupcakes

Bambi Party Cookies Cakesicles Cupcakes

These Bambi party cookies & cakesicles & cupcakes feature Bambi, Thumper the rabbit , and Flower the skunk.  The cupcakes are decorated with pink icing with pictures of Bambi. the cakesicles are accented with pink and have a gold letter B and flowers.  Also donuts are glazed with white icing with pink, gold, and white nonpareils. 

These wonderful cookies were made by Petix Roberta.

Bambi Cookies

One cookie has a cute forest scene with the characters. Another cookie has Thumper. Flower and Bambi have their own cookies.  There are also pencil outlines of each of the characters on a cookie.

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Sculpted Bambi & Thumper cake

Winter wonderland Bambi & Thumper cake

Bambi, Thumper, Flower cake

It Is A Winter Wonderland With Bambi and Thumper

Bambi Cake

Wow! I love this Bambi Cake by Nasa Mala Zavrzlama. The detail on Bambi and Thumper are perfect.  Thumper is sliding on the ice while holding his feet and smiling.  Even though Bambi is having problems standing on the ice, he looks happy as well.  The snow covered trees are great and I love how in the trees you see the silhouette of the Great Prince of the Forest looking over Bambi.

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Marvelous 3-D Bambi and Thumper Cake

Bambi and Thumper Cake

This Marvelous Sculpted Bambi and Thumper Cake is an excellent 3-D version of these two Disney characters.  Bambi is sitting down and Thumper is standing on Bambi’s leg.

This wonderful cake was made by Ritzy Couture Cake. 

These two figures are so adorable.

Bambi has a butterfly resting on his nose.


Bambi scultped cake

Thumper cake

Here’s a close-up of Thumper.


Bambi cake

Here’s a great set of pictures done by the baker of the cake in progress.

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Splendid Bambi Christening Cake

Bambi Cake

This Splendid Bambi Christening Cake was made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. Bambi and Thumper are resting on top of this Disney Christening Cake. Bambi is brown with light brown spots like a deer fawn. Thumper is gray, light brown, and white like a baby rabbit. They are sitting on a white doily. there are white and light blue flowers in front of them.

The top layer of the cake is beige. On the side of the cake is another white doily with a light pink bow on top and blue flowers at the bottom. Two blue birds are flying in the middle of the white doily. A blue ribbon is around the bottom of the cake. 

The bottom layer of the cake has beige, light blue, white, and light pink stripes on the side of the cake layer. Marshmallows in front of the cake have beige letter to spell out the name of the child.

The cake board is white. On the cake board are beige letters that spell out ‘Congratulations On Your Christening’.  Light blue flowers are scattered on the cake board.

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