Bambi Party Cookies & Cakesicles & Cupcakes

Bambi Party Cookies Cakesicles Cupcakes

These Bambi party cookies & cakesicles & cupcakes feature Bambi, Thumper the rabbit , and Flower the skunk.  The cupcakes are decorated with pink icing with pictures of Bambi. the cakesicles are accented with pink and have a gold letter B and flowers.  Also donuts are glazed with white icing with pink, gold, and white nonpareils. 

These wonderful cookies were made by Petix Roberta.

Bambi Cookies

One cookie has a cute forest scene with the characters. Another cookie has Thumper. Flower and Bambi have their own cookies.  There are also pencil outlines of each of the characters on a cookie.

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