Disneyland Cookies

Disneyland Attraction Cookies

These  Disneyland Cookies feature several attractions from Disneyland Resort.  They were made for a boy’s birthday who is a big fan of Disneyland and was missing all the wonderful rides there.

These wonderful cookies were made by Cookies Next Door.

Disneyland Cookies

Disneyland Attraction Cookies

Firstly, this Space Mountain cookie is a picture of the Disneyland Park attraction with a rocket going around it.

Disneyland Cookies

Secondly, this Incredicoaster cookie shows the iconic sun symbol on this attraction at Pixar Pier inside Disney California Adventure.  

Thirdly, the Matterhorn Bobsleds cookie has a picture of the Matterhorn with the waterfall.

Fourthly, the Pixar Pal-A-Round cookie has Mickey Mouse at the center just like the attraction at Disneyland Resort.

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Scrooge McDuck Cake with Huey, Dewey and Louie

Scrooge McDuck Cake With Huey, Dewey And Louie

This marvelous Scrooge McDuck Cake with Huey, Dewey & Louie is a single tier cake decorated with cookies of the characters.  

This wonderful cake was made by Iriska Sweets.

Huey Dewey Louie Cake

Huey, Dewey and Louie look like they were created using a large nicely decorated cookie that was placed on top of the cake. The part they are standing on may be a separate piece created using modeling chocolate.

It looks like the cake is buttercream with a combed pattern applied.

M&Ms were painted gold to represent gold coins.


Scrooge McDuck Cake

Scrooge McDuck Cake

Scrooge looks like he is a really nicely decorated cookie that is positioned in front of the cake.  

This is a terrific way to combine cookies to decorate a cake.

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101 Dalmatians cookies

101 Dalmatians cookies

These 101 Dalmatians cookies feature the dogs in 3 different poses.    

These wonderful cookies were made by Nutmeg Cookie Pastry

101 Dalmatians cookies

There are 3 main poses common to the dogs.


101 Dalmatians cookies

Each dog has a different set of spots.

Although the cookies are mostly black and white, each has either a black or red or pink or blue border to add a little color to the set.

The 3 different poses and the unique number of spots and the borders of different colors helps distinguish each 101 Dalmatian cookie as a unique dog.

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Disney Christmas Cookies

Disney Christmas Cookies

I made these Disney Christmas cookies featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, and Uncle Scrooge for my daughter’s birthday.

My daughter’s birthday is in December and we really enjoy going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World as a family so I wanted to make her cookies that were festive and that would represent the fun times we had together at Disney parks.  

When you think of Disney, you can’t help but think of Mickey and Minnie so I wanted to make cookies of them.  

I based my cookie design on a Disney Santa’s Cookie set that included a white milk jug, a cookie plate for Santa, and a bowl for Pluto’s snacks. I liked the Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto on there, and I liked the simple black, white, and red color scheme.   Pluto was the only character with an additional color. 

Minnie and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cookies

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Cookies

Here’s my Mickey and Minnie cookies. I used royal icing to create a Santa hat for each.  The ears and nose also have dimension.  I gave each cookie a red dot border to draw out the red on other parts of the cookies.

Disney Christmas Cookies Donald Daisy Scrooge

Donald, Daisy, and Scrooge Christmas Cookies

In addition, I added Donald and Daisy Duck and even Scrooge McDuck.  

I based Scrooge on this terrific Uncle Scrooge Cookie made by The Red Car Baking Company.  Daisy was based on a cookie in this Classic Disney Character cookies set made by Casey’s Confections.  

I dressed Uncle Scrooge in all red to keep my original color theme of red, black, and white. His hat is made from royal icing. Daisy has a royal icing red bow.  The ducks bills are a golden yellow and match with the color of Pluto.

Disney Christmas Cookies Goofy Pluto Pooh

Goofy, Pluto, and Pooh Christmas Cookies

Furthermore, I included a Pluto cookies. He has green holly leaves and red berries on his red collar. He is wearing a Santa hat too.

In addition, my daughter really likes the Goofy movie and since he is often seen with Mickey, I wanted to have a Goofy cookie too.  He is entirely red, white, and black, just like Mickey and Minnie.

Moreover, my family really likes Winnie the Pooh, so I had to include him, even though you do not usually think of him when you think of Mickey and Friends.

I also made a Happy Birthday cookie in the Disney font.

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Birthday Cake

Disney Christmas Cake decorated with Disney Christmas cookies

In addition, my husband’s mother’s birthday is also in December and I wanted to use a Disney Christmas theme there too so I used Disney Christmas cookies to decorate two cakes. I wrapped the cakes in plastic wrap for transport and to preserve the cake. 

The first cake has a strawberry filling and is covered in buttercream.  I placed the Mickey Mouse cookie on the side of the cake and the Happy Birthday cookie on the top.  

The second cake is an almond pound cake. I placed a Minnie Mouse cookie on top it. 


Here’s some in progress shots of the cookies.

Disney Christmas Cookies in progress

Trace designs and color in eyes and faces

I first traced the character design onto the cookies that were flooded with white royal icing.

Next, I used black edible marker to color in the black eyes of the characters.

At this point, I also painted Pluto and Pooh golden yellow and painted Donald’s and Daisy’s and Scrooge’s bill yellow.

Minnie Christmas cookie

add black royal icing for ears and nose

Second, I filled in the ears and noses of Minnie and Mickey with black royal icing to give them dimension. 

Furthermore, I filled in Goofy’s ears and nose and Pluto’s ears and nose and Pooh’s nose with black royal icing.  The black sections that were not touching other  wet royal icing were done at this time.

Mickey Christmas cookie

I filled in Mickey’s shirt with red royal icing since it was not touching any other icing. I should have also done his nose, but I forgot and had to do it later.

Mickey Christmas cookie

Add red icing for hat and shirt and collar

Third, once the ears dried, I filled in the Santa hat with red royal icing and used black royal icing to fill in his nose that I forgot in the last step. 

Minnie Christmas cookie

In addition, I filled in the red of Minnie’s hat and Minnie’s shirt. I also filled in the red of all of the Santa hats and Daisy’s bow and Scrooge’s hat and part of Pluto’s collar and his tongue.

Mickey Christmas cookie

add white icing for hat

Once the red royal icing dried, I filled in the white parts of the Santa hat. I used an edible black marker to fill-in in the black parts of Mickey’s face, which could have been done when I filled in his eyes earlier.

Now, the Mickey Mouse Christmas cookie was complete.

I filled in the other characters with black, red, and white royal icing filling in as many sections as possible without filling in sections that were adjacent until that particular Disney Christmas cookie was complete.

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