Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake

This adorable 4th Birthday Cake shows the Rescue Rangers standing on top of each other to light the candle on top of the cake.

Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake

This adorable Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake was made by Tera Cakes. It shows Monterey Jack, Chip, Dale and Gadget standing on top of each other so they can light the candle on the cake.

The cake board is designed to look like wooden tabletop or wooden floor.

The actual cake is intentionally extremely plain because an intricately detailed cake would take your focus away from the Rescue Rangers. One tier is pink and topped with sloppy white icing. The other tier is brown with two slightly uneven white bands around it.

The board and the cake work wonderfully together. The wooden surface looks like something that our fab foursome would be able to access and stand on. The cake looks like it was made by an average person, not a professional baker. These elements add to scene perfectly.

The four figures are wonderful! Monterey Jack has one hand on the cake for balance and is giving Chip a thumbs up with his other hand. Monty is the strongman of the Rescue Rangers. So, I adore that he isn’t holding Chip up. He is just sitting on the floor. But, he is so hard headed that Chip is standing on his head. I laughed out loud when I realized this.

Chip is dressed in his usual Indiana Jones inspired outfit. He isn’t as strong as Monterey Jack and is struggling a little, so he is balancing precariously on one foot.

Dale, dressed in his Magnum P.I. Hawaiian shirt, is standing on Chip’s shoulders. Chip has reached up and is holding onto Dale’s feet for extra stability. As always, Dale’s mouth is wide open and he has a big grin on his face.

Gadget is dressed in her purple jumpsuit and has her goggles on her head. She is standing on one of Chip’s shoulders. Chip is holding her legs. Gadget is learning over Chip’s head for added support. She has a long match in her hand and has just lit the candle on the cake.

Every character is perfect. Figuring out how each character had to be placed to make this work must have taken a lot of effort. One thing that I absolutely love about this cake is that the characters aren’t just holding each other up. All four are acting in character. I look at this cake and I can imagine this exact scene being recreated in a cartoon.

The level of detail is so fine that if you look at each Rescue Ranger’s face, you’ll see that their eyes are positioned such that each character is looking in the correct place.

It is a rare cake that makes me laugh out loud and also take my breath away with the attention to detail. This cake wonderful cake does both!

Miss Bianca & Bernard Cake

Miss Bianca and Bernard Cake

This Miss Bianca & Bernard cake features terrific fondant figures of Miss Bianca and Bernard on the top of the cake. Bernard has his arm around Miss Bianca.  This is such a cute couple from Disney’s The Rescuers animated movie.

This wonderful cake was made by Steves Sweet Catering.  Because these figures are so terrific, the cake beneath them is simple to keep your focus on the characters.


Miss Bianca & Bernard scultpted cake

These fondant cake topper figures look terrific.  Notice the detail of their eyes. The expression of their eyes and mouth make it clear how deeply they care about each other.  I love these 2 mice in The Rescuers.

This is #9 of 14 Valentine’s Day Posts that I am doing. Yesterday I featured, Pepe Le Pew Heart cookies  Check back tomorrow for another Valentine’s treat and a pop culture couple.

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Terrific sculpted cake of Orville and fondant figures of the 2 mice, and Evinrude

Cake with these Rescuers mice riding a leaf powered by the dragonfly, Evinrude

Gold Coins & Scrooge McDuck Cake

Gold Coin & Scrooge McDuck Cake

Gold Coin & Scrooge McDuck Cake

This gold coin & Scrooge McDuck cake features a hand-painting of him on the side of the cake.  He is surrounded by stacks of fondant gold coins. 

This wonderful cake was made by Nameless Cake. The cake was covered in fondant. In addition, it looks like it was airbrushed in black and Scrooge McDuck was then hand-painted onto a piece of fondant and attached.  A gold coin is stuck into the cake just above his hand to make it look like he just tossed it in the air. Also I like the way his hat is a separate cake. And since the hat brim above his head sticks above the cake it looks just like he is wearing the hat.

In addition Scrooge has become such a popular character that he has his own store in the new Disney themed video game Dreamlight Valley. I have really enjoyed playing the game. Every day I play I always check Scrooge McDuck’s store to see his latest merchandise. I also like that he is the one who does all of the house and business upgrades.   The role fits him well.  

Seven Tier Disneyland Cake

Disneyland Cake

Disneyland Cake

This seven tier Disneyland cake features characters and scenes from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Pixar Pier, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moana & Maui, Coco, the 3 Caballeros from the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot in Florida, the Enchanted Tiki Room,  and Mickey from Fantasmic and a Mickey Mouse Ears black hat on top.

This wonderful cake was made by Eibba890. The top tier of the cake is a black Mickey Mouse ears hat with the birthday name. The 2nd tier has Mockey Mouse dressed in his sorcerer’s apprentice outfit with the enchanted brooms. He is fighting the dragon like in the show Fantasmic. Next the 3rd tier features the Enchanted Tiki Room. The 4th tier has represents the show A musical Celebration of Coco with Miquel, Ernest de la Cruz, and Hector.  The other side of the tier has the 3 Caballeros with Donald Duck. In addition the 5th tier has a pirate ship and a Kraken from The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. On the other side is Moana and Maui and HeiHei the chicken. Next the 6th tier represents Pixar Pier with the Incredicoaster and the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel. Finally the bottom tier represents Disney’s The Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland Cake

This is a side view of the cake.  Notice the three hitchhiking ghosts, a doom buggy, the Haunted Mansion,  the Kraken, Incredible Baby Jack-Jack , HeiHei,  and the enchanted brooms.


Disneyland Cake

This is a view of the back of the cake. Notice the Hatbox ghost and the 3 Caballeros.

Close-ups of the tiers

Mickey Fantastic Cake

Here’s a nice vie of Mickey Mouse in his  sorcerer’s Apprentice red robe and blue hat. He is battling the dragon just like in  the Fantasmic show.

Next here’s a close-up of the fondant Haunted Mansion and one of the hitchhiking ghosts.

In addition here’s a picture of the fondants cutouts of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts and a Doom Buggy. The purple wallpaper was painted on the cake tier behind them.

Also here’s a close-up of the Hatbox ghost.

Pixar Pier Cake

In addition here’s a view of the Pixar Mickey ferris wheel, the Incredicoaster, and the Pixar Pier entrance sign. In addition notice the portrait of Madame Leota and the doom buggy.

Also here’s a close-up of the pirate treasure map.

In addition here’s a close-up of the Kraken.

Also here’s a fondant cutout of Moana and Maui on one tier and Mr. Incredible and Dash on another tier.

In addition here’s a close-up of Miguel and Hector.

Coco Cake

Also here’s a close-up of Ernesto from Coco.

Finally here’s a picture of the 3 caballeros and HeiHei.

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