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Eggcellent Disney Easter Eggs: From Ariel To Winnie The Pooh

Frozen Easter Eggs
Anna & Elsa

These chocolate Frozen Easter Eggs made by Sweet Art by Katerina are so cute! The detail on Anna and Elsa is wonderful.


Disneyland Easter Eggs

These gorgeous hand painted wooden Disneyland Easter Eggs were created by Kim Joy Art

There are five eggs in this set:

  • The clock face from “it’s a small world”.
  • The Hatbox Ghost from The Haunted Mansion
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  • The Yeti from The Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • A skeleton pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean


Cinderella's Carriage Easter Egg
Cinderella’s Carriage

This lovely Cinderella’s Carriage Easter Egg was made by Zahari Sweet Shop. The carriage is baby blue. It has a gold tiara and gold braiding running from top to bottom. The carriage door is covered with gold curtains. The curtains are open and Cinderella, dressed in her ball gown, is stepping out of the carriage. The steps from the carriage are also gold. Cinderella is holding her glass slipper in her hand. The wheels of the carriage are gold vines which are rolled up.

Nightmare Before Christmas Easter Egg

Nightmare Before Christmas

This stunning Nightmare Before Christmas Easter Egg was made Lorraine Schleter.  Lorraine made this from a chicken egg.  She poked a pinhole in the top, blew out the innards, and painted it.  The stand was made out of polymer clay.


Dumbo Easter Egg

This cute Dumbo Easter Egg was made by SugarVirgie. Dumbo is wearing his yellow circus hat and his red frill around his neck. He has big ears and a smile on his face. The stand for the Easter egg is decorated with flowers.


Stitch Easter Egg

This adorable Stitch Chocolate Easter Egg was made by Calliope Sugar Art & Workshop. Stitch looks really happy. He has a big smile on his face and his ears are pointing up. He is sitting with his feet out in front of him and his arms by his side. 

Donald Duck Easter Egg

Donald Duck

This wonderful Donald Duck Easter Egg was made by Aspadeco Sugar Artist. It features Donald Duck in his classic sailor suit. Donald is thinking. Aspasia does a wonderful job showing this through Donald’s body language. He has a finger on his beak and his eyes are looking up. There are two butterflies flying around Donald and a lady bug and flower on the ground.


Winnie The Pooh Chocolate Easter Egg
Winnie The Pooh

This Winnie The Pooh Chocolate Easter Egg is so cute! It was made by Bake My Nature. It features Winnie the Pooh coming out of his doorway. The way he is positioned reminds me of the classic scene where he gets stuck in Rabbit’s door. 

The Mr. Sanders sign is above the egg. There are flowers growing around the side of the door and there is a butterfly at the top. Pooh must have been eating honey because there is honey everywhere.

Bridget McCarty is an amazing artist who creates stunning Easter Eggs and painted pumpkins for Disneyland. The next dozen Easter Eggs were created by Bridget.


Mater Easter Egg
Evil Queen Easter Egg
Evil Queen

The Evil Queen with the heart chest.


Sully and Boo Easter Egg
Sully and Boo

Sully hugging Boo.  The detail on Sully’s fur is amazing and the egg is so cute!


Cheshire Cat Easter Egg
Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat riding the Mad Tea Party.


Sleeping Beauty Easter Egg
Sleeping Beauty

I love the frame made of vines that is around this beautiful Sleeping Beauty Easter Egg.


Anna Easter Egg

Here is Anna with a snowy background.  The egg also decorated with blue and purple flowers.

Little Mermaid Easter Egg


Marie Easter Egg

Marie. from Aristocats. is wearing a pink bow and there’s a matching pink bow at the top of the egg.


Roger Rabbit Easter Egg

This Jessica and Roger Rabbit Easter egg is 8 inches tall. 

Hatbox Ghost Easter Egg
Hatbox Ghost
Steamboat Willie Easter Egg
Steamboat Willie
Ariel Easter Egg

This Princess Ariel Easter egg shows Ariel under the sea talking to a seahorse.