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Eggcellent Geeky Easter Eggs: From Battlestar Galactica To Walking Dead

Doctor Who Easter Eggs
Doctor Who

These terrific Doctor Who Easter Eggs feature the TARDIS, David Tennant’s Doctor and Matt Smith’s Doctor.  Unfortunately, I do not know who made these because the Etsy store that sold these is no more.

The David Tennant egg has a dark gray pin striped suit with a blue shirt and a black and blue striped tie. The Matt Smith egg has a brown tweed suit with a white plaid shirt and a bow tie.  The TARDIS Easter Eggs are blue with the doors and windows of the TARDIS painted onto the eggs. At the top of each egg is a black band with the words – ‘Police Public Call Box’.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs
Star Trek: The Next Generation

These Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs are so awesome!  The characters included are Worf, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Will Riker, Jean-Luc Picard, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge and Data. I love how the eggs were photographed with the bridge behind them.  Notice that the keyboard’s space bar reads “The Final Frontier”.  Unfortunately, I do not know who made these amazing eggs.


Joker, Two-Face, Bane & Harley Quinn. Easter Eggs
Joker, Two-Face, Bane & Harley Quinn. 

These wonderful Batman: The Animated Series Easter Eggs were made by Renata Rossato.  The eggs feature The Joker, Two-Face, Bane, and Harley Quinn. 


Foghorn Leghorn Easter Egg
Foghorn Leghorn


Marvin the Martian Easter Egg
Marvin the Martian

These wonderful Foghorn Leghorn  and Marvin the Martian Easter Eggs were made by Danny Kissel.

Every October, I feature spooktacular pumpkin carvings. Danny is one of the amazing pumpkin artists that I’ve featured in the past. Here are three examples of his cool carvings, Danny created this wonderful Marvin the Martian pumpkin carving, this cute Garfield pumpkin carving and this terrific Charlie Brown pumpkin sculpture. I was thrilled to discover that Danny also creates hand drawn Easter Eggs of classic cartoon characters.


Battlestar Galactica Easter Eggs
Battlestar Galactica

These magnificent Battlestar Galactica Easter Eggs were made by Natania Barron.  These amazing eggs feature Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Number Six, Gauis Baltar, Boomer, & Starbuck.


Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs
Super Mario Bros.

These amazing Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs were made by lmnopeas.  She has published step by step instructions to make these on Instructables so that you can recreate these at home.


Minion Easter Egg

This stunning Minion Easter Egg was made by Aspadeco Sugar Artist. It features a classic Minion with his goggles and blue overalls with a pocket in the middle. He has black boots and gloves. There is a butterfly at his feet.

I really like the way Aspasia created this. The Easter Egg is the yellow minion. Everything else is decorations. Because of this, everything looks 3-D. The goggles aren’t just painted on. They are little googles that Aspasia made and attached. Likewise, you can see that the overalls hang off his body and that they sag a little. All of this combines to make one of the most of amazing Minion Easter Eggs I’ve seen.

The next five chocolate eggs I’m featuring were all made by by Sweet Art by Katerina. They feature Marshall from PAW Patrol, Iron Man, and adorable baby chick versions of Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.


Chocolate PAW Patrol Easter Egg

This great chocolate PAW Patrol Easter Egg features Marshall.  The egg is red and pink and decorated with white paw prints. 


Iron Man Easter Egg
Iron Man

The detail on Iron Man’s helmet and face plate is terrific.


Spider-Man, Batman & Superman Chocolate Easter Eggs

These are too cute! Spider-Man, Batman & Superman are little chicks bursting out of their shells. The shells are decorated like their costume. Batman has little bat ears and Spider-Man’s hair looks like a spider and he had a spider tattoo.

The final five sets of Easter Eggs in this post were all made by Lesley Jensen. Lesley is a master at painting detailed eggs.


Mass Effect Easter Eggs
Mass Effect

These Mass Effect Easter Eggs feature Command Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, Samara, Urdnot Wrex, Thane Krios, Mordin Solus and Legion.


Batman: The Animated Series Easter Eggs

Batman: The Animated Series

These Batman: The Animated Series Easter Eggs feature Clayface, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Batman, The Joker, the Bat-Signal, Two-Face and The Penguin.



Yu-Gi-Oh! Easter Eggs

Super Smash Bros. Easter Eggs

These terrific Super Smash Bros. Easter Eggs include Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Ness, Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link and Captain Falcon.

Walking Dead Easter Eggs