Moana Meets Lilo & Stitch Cookies

Moana Cookies

These brilliant cookies combining Moana and Lilo & Stitch were made by Jessie B. Custom Cookies. These were 1st birthday cookies made for a set of twins. 

I’d never thought of combining Moana with Lilo & Stitch together and am surprised that I’ve never seen this pairing before. Jessie does four things which makes these cookies absolutely amazing.

First, Jessie’s use of color is wonderful. By repeating the same sea blue, red, green, brown, and white, these cookies blend together beautifully.

Second, most of the cookies are designed with a lovely Hawaiian theme so that they fit equally well with Moana and with Lilo & Stich.

Third, Jessie also makes cookies of baby Moana, Hei Hei, Maui, Lilo, & Stitch.

Fourth, I didn’t even notice this at first, but Jessie repeats her designs for these characters from the two movies.  Both baby Moana and Lilo are on a rectangular cookie with a white background.  Stitch and He Hei are both on round cookies.

These little touches make these cookies blend together into such an awesome set.


Lilo & Stitch Cookies

Here is a close-up of Jessie’s cute Stitch cookie.

Terrific Moana 5th Birthday Cake

Moana Cake

This terrific Moana 5th birthday cake is a single tier cake that is covered in mirror glaze to look like the ocean water.

An isomalt ocean wave is on top of the cake beside an edible hand sculpted Moana and her pet pig Pua. Moana is a little girl standing on the sands of the beach.

The cake board is blue to represent the ocean water. There are sea shells and starfish on the cake board. The birthday name and age are written in white letters on the cake board.

This wonderful cake was made by Sweet Creations Cakes.

Superb Maui Cake

Moana Maui Cake

This superb Moana Maui cake is a beige cake decorated with some of Maui’s tattoos. His necklace is on top of the cake and a hand-sculpted edible figure of Maui is on top of the cake.

Maui is a shape shifting demigod. He has a giant magical fish hook in his hands. The tattoos on his body tell a story.

The green leaves around the bottom of the cake match the green leaves in Maui’s skirt.

This wonderful cake was made by 180 Degree Celsius.

Moana Maui Cake  

Splendid Baby Moana Cake

Baby Moana Cake

This splendid Baby Moana cake is a two tier cake where the bottom tier has a hand painting of Moana on the side. The cake is painted blue to represent water and has plants silhouettes. There is coral on either side of Moana.

The top tier is painted various shades of orange to represent the sunset reflecting off of the ocean. Part of the sun can still be seen before it fades away into night.

This fabulous cake was made by Luma’s Cake.