Moana Rice Krispies Treats

Moana Rice Krispies Treats featuring Pau, Moana's sail boat and Te Fiti
Moana Rice Krispies Treats

These wonderful Moana Rice Krispies Treats were made by Rosa’s Cakes. They feature Pau, Moana’s sail boat and Te Fiti. I really like how Rosa uses the Rice Krispies Treats as a platform and then created an elaborate topper.

The Rice Krispies Treat for Pau is dipped in chocolate that has been colored sandy brown. It is topped with an adorable figure of Pau. There is sand at Pau’s feet and a flower and Totem Pole behind him.

The Rice Krispies Treat for the sail boat is dipped in chocolate that has been colored a light ocean blue. It’s front is decorated with the ocean and a wave. It is topped with a absolutely wonderful model of the sail boat. There is a another wave here showing the boat sailing through the ocean. A white sea shell is in front of the boat and wave.

Te Fiti’s Rice Krispies Treat is colored with different shade of green to look like plants. It has a cute topper of Te Fiti. Te Fiti has blue eyes and purple flowers. There is a large red flower in front of her.

The detail on these Rice Krispies Treats is astonishing. I’d actual feel guilty eating them.

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