Moana Candy Apples

Candy apples featuring Moana's boat, Maui & Te Fiti
Moana Candy Apples

These Moana Candy Apples were made by Rosa’s Cakes. They feature Moana’s boat, Maui & Te Fiti. The apple for Moana’s double-hulled outrigger canoe has the sail, sea shells and the number 2. Maui’s apple has his giant magical fish hook, some of his tattoos, his necklace and his grass garment. Te Fiti’s apple is covered with green growth and has flowers on it. It also has a totem on it.

The detail on these candy apples is amazing. Not only is the dipped apple decorated, but each apple also has a topper on it – the boat’s sail, Maui’s giant magical fish hook, and the totem. There is so much detail but because each apple has a separate theme, they don’t look too busy. These are absolutely gorgeous candy apples.

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