A Goofy Movie Cookies

A Goofy Movie Cookies

Max and Roxanne cookies

These A Goofy Movie cookies have hand drawings of Max Goof with Roxanne on one cookie. Max is wearing shades on another cookie.

These wonderful cookies were made by Glass Slipper Goodies.

The first cookie with Max and Roxanne reminds me of the scene when they are on her porch at the end of the movie. The second cookie shows Max in his orange shirt wearing the sunglasses he wore on the school stage and these are the clothes he wore home from school at the beginning of the movie. These Goofy Movie cookies have cute hand-drawings of these characters.

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Goofy Father’s Day Cookies

Goofy Father's Day Cookies

Happy Father’s Day!

These cute Goofy Father’s Day Cookies were made by la media naranjaiqq.

This cute set consists of nine cookies. One is a wonderful Goofy cookie, four spell out Papa and there are four heart cookies. Goofy has a big smile and is resting his head in his hand. He has on his usual orange shirt, green hat and white gloves. This is a great Goofy cookie.

The four cookies that spell out Papa are really cute because they’re dressed up – one has a moustache and the others are wearing glasses, a crown, and polka dotted bow tie.

Back when the Disney Afternoon was being shown on TV, my husband and I used to tape it and watch it in the evenings after work. While I liked most of the shows, my favorite was Goof Troop. While I knew there had been a few cartoons about Goofy being a dad, it wasn’t until I saw Goofy interacting with his teenage son Max that I thought the concept really worked.

Goofy and Max would also get to star together on the silver screen with A Goofy Movie. For some reason, I didn’t see that in the movie theater. I don’t think I saw it until it came out on video. I love The Goofy Movie and it is one of my favorite Disney animated films.

Because of these cartoons, Goofy has become one of my favorite Disney dad’s along with Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) and Fa Zhou (Mulan’s Dad).

I hope each of you has a wonderful Father’s Day!

Splendid Goofy 3rd Birthday Cake

Goofy Birthday Cake

Splendid Goofy 3rd Birthday Cake

This splendid Goofy 3rd birthday cake features Goofy’s smiling face. 

This wonderful cake was made by Sweet Art by Kat

Firstly, I like the color choices for this cake. The primary colors for the cake are green, orange, and blue. The cake board is green with blue writing that matches the blue cake. His shirt matches the orange stars and his green hat and the green number 3 matches the stars and the green cake board.

Secondly,  separate fondant pieces are put together to give him dimension. His shirt, neck, mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, nose, and hat are all separate pieces of fondant of a different color and thickness.

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Mickey Mouse and Goofy Have Christmas Presents For You

Mickey Mouse and Goofy Christmas Cake

This wonderful Mickey Mouse and Goofy Christmas Cake was made by Alex Alvino Cake for a 1st birthday.  It features a stack of four presents.  Mickey is placing working lights on the stack, while Goofy is popping out of the top present with a gold star.  Both Mickey and Goofy are dressed as Santa. Each present is wrapped with different paper – stars, snowflakes, holly, and Mickey Mouse ears.


Close-up of Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Here is a close-up of the wonderful Mickey Mouse figure.

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