Marvelous Zootopia Cake

Zootopia Cake

This marvelous Zootopia cake features edible hand crafted figures of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde on the top of the cake.

Judy was the first bunny police officer in Zootopia. She is wearing her police uniform.  Nick Wilde, the fox, has his hands in his pockets. They made a great team.

This wonderful cake was made by Cara Schneider of Carasmatic Cake Studio

The side of the cake has edible images of Mayor Lionheart, Chief Bogo, and Officer Clawhauser. 

Zootopia Cake

The birthday name is written in orange letters on the top of the cake.

Here’s a close-up of Judy and Nick.

Superb Zootopia Cake

Zootopia Cake

This superb Zootopia Cake features officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny police office in Zootopia standing beside a Zootropolis street sign. She is holding out her badge for all to see.

Disney renamed Zootopia Zootropolis in the United Kingdom. 

Nick Wilde the fox is standing beside Judy. He has his hands in his pockets.

There is a police badge on the side of the cake with the birthday name and age.

This wonderful cake was made by Carmen Iordache

Zootopia cake

I really liked the way Judy and Nick started reluctantly working together and became friends by the end of the movie.

Judy and Nick both became more than they were stereotyped to be.

Marvelous Yax Zootopia Cake

Yax Zootopia Cake

This marvelous Yax Zootopia cake was made by Sugar Street Studios. This amazing cake features Yax represented as a yuppie.

This wonderful cake is part of the Disney Deviant Sugar Art collaboration which features amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by Disney characters.

Yax Zootopia Cake

Here’s the baker’s description of this amazing cake:

Yax from Zootopia I thought it would be fun to take him and turn him into a yuppie. For someone like Yax, that’s about as deviant as it gets! Having been a fan of Walt Disney from a teeny tiny tot, I am still enthralled as an adult by the modern, current swathe of Disney films. One of my favorites is Zootopia or Zootropolis which centers on an anthropomorphic world where predators and prey live together in a modern animal metropolis. There are so many funny, well observed characters and one of my personal favorites is YAX the yak. He is a louche, hippy naturalist with flowers and flies in his long dreaded hair and a penchant for yoga. PRODUCTS USED Modelled from Sugar Clay by Sugar Street Studios Painted with Magic Colours Dusts

Yax Zootopia Cake

Zootopia Celebrates Summer

Zootopia Cake

This Terrific Zootopia Cake was made by Mabel Gimenez from Maby & Lu Cakes.  

This Fabulous Zootopia cake was made for the Sweet Summer Collaboration which is a cake collaboration of more than 200 Cake Artists from around the world to celebrate summer in the sweetest way.

Officer Judy Hopps, the first rabbit police officer of Zootopia, is sitting on a red inner tube with white hearts that is floating in the sea.

Nick Wilde, the fox, is lying on the bow of the boat enjoying the sun. 

Flash, the sloth, is a friend of Nick Wilde’s. Flash is wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt. Flash is the fastest sloth in the DMV of Zootopia and he drives a really fast car.