Green & Pink Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cake

Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cake

Green & Pink Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cake

This wonderful Green & Pink Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cake was made by Carlotas Sweets. This is a 2nd birthday cake.

This is a three tier cake. The bottom tier is pink and features Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch. Her witch hat is purple with Minnie ears. There are two Mickey Mouse bats flying above her.

Why Mickey Mouse bats? Because the middle tier features Mickey Mouse as Dracula. This tier is green and also has Mickey bats flying on it. In the center of is a circle with Count Mickey Mouse in it. He has fangs and a black cape.

The top tier of the cake is carved to look like a pumpkin carving shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. Carlota did an amazing job with this.

Since this terrific cake is topped with a Mickey pumpkin, I thought this would be the perfect time to spotlight some wonderful pumpkin carvings featuring Mickey and Minnie.

This great pumpkin carving has Mickey and Minnie popping out of a pumpkin and Minnie is dressed like witch.

This dizzy pumpkin carving has Mickey and Minnie riding in a teacup from Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party ride.

These three great Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin carvings feature them getting ice cream and two amazing solo pumpkins of Mickey and Minnie.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll be featuring the matching cookies that Carlota made to go with this wonderful cake.

Donald Duck Halloween Costume Cookies

Donald Duck Halloween Costume cookies

Donald Duck Halloween Costume Cookies

These wonderful Donald Duck Halloween Costume Cookies were made by Sofia Cookies. Donald is dressed as a pumpkin carving and a red devil.

Donald Duck dressed in a red devil costume holding a red pitchfork

Donald Duck dressed as a red devil

I really like how Sofia has two very different red devil costumes for Donald. This costume is a bodysuit. It has a tail and a hood with horns. In one hand Donald is holding a pitchfork and in the other, he has an orange bag to put Halloween treats in.

Donald Duck dressed in a red devil costume holding a red pitchfork

Donald looking devilish

The 2nd costume is a red sweatshirt with a matching red cape. Donald is wearing red horns and holding a red pitchfork. In his other hand, he is holding a plastic candy bucket shaped like a pumpkin carving. Donald has already started trick or treating because the pumpkin is almost full of candy.

I really like how Sofia posed Donald. He shoulders are turned and he is looking over his shoulder at you. His eyes are all the way to one side and he has a mischievous facial expression.

Donald Duck popping out of a pumpkin carving

Donald Duck popping out of a pumpkin carving

Here is a great pumpkin carving with two eyes, a nose and a toothy grin. Popping out of it is Donald Duck dressed in his usual sailor suit. He has the top of the pumpkin on his head.

Sofia did something really cool with the three close-up photographs. She added little sweets around each cookie. Here it is little pumpkins. For the two red devil cookies, she used eye balls, purple monster faces with one eye,  black witch hats with purple bands and black hearts. These little additions really make these photos pop.

These cookies are so much fun!

Looking for more Disney Halloween treats?

This amazing cupcake tower features Donald once again as red devil, Mickey Mouse as Dracula, Minnie Mouse as a witch, Daisy Duck as a princess, Goofy as a mummy and Pluto as a skeleton.

Instead of Donald, this Count Mickey Mouse Cake has Mickey popping out of a pumpkin. Why should Donald have all the fun?

These Mickey Mouse Ghost Cookies feature an adorable candy corn Mickey ghost.

White Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

White Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

White Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

These white Charlie Brown halloween cookies feature Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and Lucy. Snoopy is with a Jack-o-lantern on many of the cookies. Lucy is dressed in her purple and yellow witch costume. Charlie Brown is dressed as a carved pumpkin on another cookie. Joe Cool is resting against a Jack-o-lantern and Snoopy and Woodstock are riding a broom.

These wonderful cookies were made by Good Night Cookie Anna .

All of the cookies are covered in white royal icing. The characters and pumpkins were created with royal icing and edible paints. 

Here’s more pictures of these terrific Peanuts Gang Halloween cookies.

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Snoopy Halloween Macarons

SnoopyHalloween Macarons

Snoopy Halloween Macarons

These wonderful Snoopy Halloween Macarons were made by Sugar Devotion and feature macarons of Snoopy sleeping on pumpkin carvings. On some, Snoopy is sleeping on his back and others he is sleeping on his belly. The pumpkin carvings have two cute different designs. On one design the pumpkin has little triangles carvings for eyes and a toothy smile. The other design has the pumpkin looking slightly more spooky. The pumpkin has little black eyes, pink cheeks and two fang like teeth.

Katrina also made little skull macarons. They have black eyes, pink cheeks, a little nose and three little teeth on the bottom. Adding these cookies is a brilliant move. If you look at just the Snoopy macarons, the bright orange is the color that stands out. So, the things you notice the most are the pumpkins. The skull macarons are white with black accents and a hint of pink. That’s the same colors as Snoopy. Because of this, when you add the skulls to the mix, your eyes are now drawn to Snoopy. As I said, absolutely brilliant.

Here is a close-up of these two adorable Snoopy designs.

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These cute Snoopy Jack-o’-lantern Cookies featuring Snoopy, Woodstock and a Jack-o’-lantern. I like these cookies so much, I’ve made a Halloween stencil based on the background image on these cookies.

Here is another set of adorable Snoopy Jack-o’-lantern cookies. There have three different cute designs.

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