Megavolt Cookies

Megavolt Cookies

These marvelous Megavolt 29th Birthday Cookies were made by Пряники Калининград for a friend who is an electrician. These wonderful cookies have Megavolt in two different poses. Megavolt has a really complex costume for an animated character and it looks great here. He is always nervous and his facial expression is perfect on these cookies.

One of the most enjoyable parts about writing this blog is sharing cakes and cookies featuring rare characters. My husband and I used to set the VCR to record The Disney Afternoon and then we’d watch it in the evenings after work. One of the shows that we watched daily was Darkwing Duck.

I’ve only featured Darkwing Duck twice on this blog, so I was delighted when I found these awesome Megavolt cookies. They bring a big smile to my face, so I had to share them.

I’d ranked Megavolt as #2 in Darkwing Duck’s rouges gallery. First place goes to Negaduck because he is an evil mirror of Darkwing. Megavolt seems inspired by the classic Spider-Man villain, Electro. While I really like Electro, I Megavolt is more fun because he isn’t as serious as a character. I don’t know if I have a favorite solo Megavolt episode, but I really liked him as part of the Fearsome Five in the two part Just Us Justice Ducks.

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Batman 5th Birthday Cake

Batman: The Animated Series 5th Birthday Cake

This wonderful Batman: The Animated Series 5th Birthday Cake was made by Iriska Sweets.

It is a single tier cake with the Bat-Symbol shining on it. On top of the cake is Batman and the number 5.

Batman: The Animated Series is both my favorite version of Batman and my favorite superhero cartoon. Before BTAS, I felt like most superhero cartoons were made for kids. I enjoyed them when I was little, but they didn’t age well. BTAS was a cartoon that both kids and adults could watch. It was made 29 years ago and still holds up amazingly well. The writing was great, the animation was terrific and the voice acting was phenomenal.


Batman Cake Topper

This great Batman Cake Topper looks just like the cartoon version of the dark knight from Batman: The Animated series. It is a cookie, so you can have it with your Bat-Tea.


Close-up of Batman Cake

I really like how this Bat-Symbol was made. Because of the gold around it, it looks like the Bat-Symbol is being projected onto the cake. That is so cool!

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Little Mermaid Sushi

Little Mermaid Sushi

Today, I conclude my trilogy of amazing pop culture dishes made by Sorrenteaux. Two days ago, I featured Ashley’s amazing Raya and The Last Dragon shrimp dinner. Yesterday, it was her wonderful Minion Donuts. Today, I’m spotlighting this amazing Little Mermaid sushi.

Here is Ashley’s description of this yummy looking meal:

Under the Sea vibes for our #familymovienightboard 🧜🏻‍♀️
We are going with the classic @disneylittlemermaid and enjoying the quickest, easiest sushi night from @pavilions 🍣
Gorgeous cookies from my gal @alexiscustomdesigns, Ariel inspired cake pops from @gorjess_cakepops, and some of my favorite ocean boards from @the_rusticcraftsman.
Check out my sea-witchy bff’s page @dreamboardsco for her stunning creation! 💜 


Little Mermaid Sushi

I really like Sushi, so looking at this wonderful spread is making me hungry. Having the flowers with the sushi really makes this look pretty. 


Sushi Platter

I like this close-up because you can see part of the wonderful serving board made by The Rustic Craftsman. Lindsey boards are absolutely beautiful.


Little Mermaid Cake Pops

Little Mermaid Cake Pops

Here is a close-up of the great Little Mermaid Cake Pops made by GorJess Cakepops.


Little Mermaid Cake Pops


Little Mermaid Cookies

Little Mermaid Cookies

Last, but certainly not least. Alexis Custom Designs made these wonderful Little Mermaid Cookies. They feature Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Ursula and Scuttle.


Little Mermaid Cookies


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Minion Donuts

Minion Donuts

Sorrenteaux makes the most amazing pop culture meals. Yesterday, I blogged about her stunning Raya and The Last Dragon Dinner and today I’m featuring her yummy Minion Donuts.

Here is Ashley’s description from Instagram:

Banana!!!! 🍌💛🍌
It’s #familymovienight with my girl @dreamboardsco, and tonight we are partying minion style!
It also happens to be #nationaldonutday, so I grabbed these adorable donuts from @sugarboxdonuts for a snack during the movie. 🍩💙🍩
To balance out all of the sweets, we are sipping on Minion Mango & Banana smoothies, with @califiafarms Almond milk, @enjoyrealcoco Coconut Water, and @chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt.
Big thanks to my sister and niece for the adorable mason jar minion and bananas 💛💛💛

As always, the theming is amazing. I really like the way they drew on the bananas so that they look like minions. I love fruit smoothies, so the mango and banana smoothies sound really yummy. That they’re yellow and served in mason jars decorated with a minion eye is just brilliant. She even has minion fruit snacks for the kiddies. This is just so much fun!


Minion Donuts

Here is a close-up of the Minion Donuts made by Sugarbox Donuts. They make so many cute themed donuts – Star Wars, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Cat In The Hat, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and many, many more.


Minion Donuts

The mason jar minion fruit smoothie is too cute!

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