Muppet Christmas Carol Cake

Muppet Christmas Carol Cake with Kermit & Miss Piggy

Muppet Christmas Carol Cake

This gorgeous Muppet Christmas Carol Cake was made by Cakes by Timbo. The carving and detail on this cake are absolutely amazing!

I’ve had the good fortune of seeing Timbo Sullivan teach how he airbrushed his How The Grinch Stole Thanksgiving Cake. He is a great cake artist and a really nice guy!

This is a 3-D carved cake of Kermit and Miss Piggy from The Muppet Christmas Carol. They play Bob and Emily Cratchit in the movie. Kermit is wearing a brown jacket and hat. He is also wearing a red and brown scarf which matches the band around his hat. Miss Piggy is wearing a purple jacket with a light brown shawl. She is also wearing a burgundy bow, a white tie with a jeweled clasp and a light brown hat. They’re both bundled up because it has been snowing. You can tell that because the cake board has a light frosting of snow on it.

I love how for the photograph, Timbo added a faint background image of a forest of frozen and snow covered trees. That just adds to the atmosphere.


Muppet Christmas Carol Cake with Kermit & Miss Piggy

The texture on this cake is wonderful. Look at Kermit’s eyes. They look plastic and reflect the light a tiny bit. His jacket looks smooth like leather. Kermit’s face looks like cloth. The scarf he is wearing looks knit and you can see the knit pattern in it. The textures on Miss Piggy are equally amazing. Look at Miss Piggy’s jeweled clasp and then at her white tie and shawl. All three have completely different textures.


Muppet Christmas Carol Cake with Kermit & Miss Piggy


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The Grinch & Cindy-Lou Who Christmas Cookies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cookies

The Grinch & Cindy-Lou Who Christmas Cookies

These the Grinch & Cindy-Lou Who Christmas cookies feature Cindy-Lou, The Grinch, and Max the dog.

These wonderful cookies were made by Bella Dolce Bakery.

Cindy-Lou Who is holding a red Christmas ornament and wearing antlers too on the first cookie. Also red ornaments are on 2 cookies and match the Santa hat The Grinch is wearing on another cookie. All of the characters are smiling. In addition all 3 characters are smiling. Each cookie was flooded with white  royal icing then red, green, brown, and pink royal icing was used to pipe on the characters. Finally as a finishing touch, each character was outlined in black.

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Santa Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Nightmare Before Christmas-Cookies

Nightmare Before Christmas-Cookies

These Santa Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies feature Jack Skellington in different poses wearing a red and white Santa suit. Zero has a yellow nose too.

These wonderful cookies were made by Cookies By Dani. A Christmas train is part of the background decorations to spotlight the Christmas theme of the cookies.

 Recently, I featured Jack Skellington and other Halloween Town residents during this Halloween season. And since it is now early November I wanted to feature these Santa Nightmare Before Christmas cookies with Jack dressed in more festive Christmas colors.


Nightmare Before Christmas-Cookies

Red and White royal icing was used for Jack’s hat and face and body. Black royal icing was used to outline the separate pieces. In addition, his facial features were painted on. Also, Jack Skellington is holding up a string of yellow royal icing christmas lights on another star cookie.

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This Pilgrim Snoopy Cake Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrim Snoopy Cake

Pilgrim Snoopy Cake


This wonderful Pilgrim Snoopy Cake was made by Luiz Toledo Bolos & Confeitaria. Luiz made it to celebrate a baby’s 10th month. It was Dulce de leche cake with nuts.

It features a terrific topper of Snoopy dressed as a pilgrim. At his feet are pumpkins, an orange, corn, grapes and mushrooms. At the base of the cake is more produce including an orange, a barrel of apples, a pear, a mushroom and a pumpkin.

There is a Happy Thanksgiving sign on the front of the cake. Fall colored bunting hangs above Snoopy.

I really like the how this cake uses the colors of fall. The cake is a light brown and beige with a slightly darker brown grain to it. Beige is such a hard color to pull off well, but for this cake it works terrifically. Much of the produce is light brown and beige. The Happy Thanksgiving sign is a dark orange. The bunting is dark shades of brown, red and orange. Since Snoopy is dressed as a pilgrim, he is also dressed in dark brown. All these fall colors blend together so well.

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