Mario Meets Pokémon Cake

Mario Meets Pokémon Cake

This amazing Mario meets Pokémon Cake was made by Poliana Simão. The amount of detail on this cake is astonishing. Some of the cool things on the cake are: Pikachu is standing on a water pipe, dressed as Mario and holding a poké ball. Across from Pikachu is a giant poké ball. Mario and Luigi are inside […]

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Batmobile Cakelet

Batmobile Cakelets

These cakelets are perfect for a Batman birthday celebration. These wonderful Batmobile Cakelets were made by Doces Lavras. The cakelet is covered in black fondant. The tires are black fondant with yellow fondant hubs.  The windshield and wings look like they were cut and left to dry flat, then attached to the Batmobile. The Bat-symbol

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This cake has a topper of Pinocchio on his hands and knees looking at his reflection in the cake. The reflection is of a boy, not a puppet.

Pinocchio Reflection Cake

This Pinocchio Reflection Cake was made by Molly Coppini. At first glance, I thought Molly had created a mirror glaze and someone placed a Pinocchio cake topper on top of the cake without ruining the glaze. But, then I looked closer and realized that the cake topper is Pinocchio as a  marionette, while the reflection

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