Celebrating Christmas With Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Winnie The Pooh Christmas Cake

This adorable Winnie the Pooh Cake celebrates both a 3rd Birthday and Christmas. It was made by Cake By Anis. I was working on a birthday / Christmas  themed Winnie the Pooh cookie yesterday, so this cake brings a real smile to my face.

This cake features Piglet riding on Winnie the Pooh’s shoulders. It is snowing and Piglet is trying to catch snowflakes. Piglet is wearing a Santa hat and a scarf. Pooh is similarly dressed in a striped Santa hat and scarf. The expressions on Pooh and Piglets faces is wonderful. Both look like they are having so much fun.

This cute cake is topped with snow and the number three.


Winnie The Pooh 3rd Birthday Cake

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Hello Kitty Christmas Cookies

Hello Kitty Christmas cookies
Hello Kitty Christmas cookies

These festive Hello Kitty Christmas cookies feature her with a Christmas package and a Christmas stocking and a Santa hat and Christmas sweater.

These wonderful cookies were made by La Media Naranjaiqq.

I really like the Christmas stocking cookie with a red heart in the toe and Hello Kitty’s head sticking up out of the stocking. She is wearing a piece of holly in her hair.

In addition, red mitt cookies with white snowflakes and red and white candy cane cookies compliment the other cookies in the set.

Furthermore, another cookie has Hello Kitty in a red and green present. She is wearing a red bow in her hair.

She is wearing a red and white Christmas sweater and a red Santa hat on another cookie.

Finally, Hello Kitty is wearing a red Santa hat and a red suit with white trim on another cookie.

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Stitch Christmas Cookie Box

Stitch Christmas Cookie Box
Stitch Christmas Cookie Box

This wonderful Stitch Christmas Cookie Box was made by La Media Naranjaiqq. This wonderful set consists of seven cookies. There are two blue candy cane cookies, two red and white mitten cookies with a snowflake on them, and a green Christmas Tree cookie with white trim. 

The highlight of this set is two Christmas cookies featuring Stitch. The first cookie has Stitch in his standard sitting pose where his hind legs are down and he is resting on his front legs. Stitch is wearing a red and white Santa hat. The second cookie has Stitch wearing both a Santa jacket and hat. Stitch is holding a giant cookie that says Feliz Navidad. Stitch can’t wait to bite into the cookie because he is licking his lips in anticipation. These are such cute cookies.

This is the first time I’ve featured anything that mixes Stitch and Christmas, but I’ve featured a bunch of cute Lilo & Stitch treats in the past. Check out these three:

This amazing sculpted Stitch cake features Stitch doing a hand stand.

For Halloween, I shared these cute cookies of Stitch as an alien, mummy and devil.

This wonderful bouquet mixes dried flowers and a Stitch cookie pop.

Santa Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

Baby Yoda Fruit Pie
Santa Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

This Santa Baby Yoda Pie was made entirely of fresh fruit.

This wonderful food art was made by Edible Food Art for Kids.

His face, ears, and feet were made using green melon.  His hat and jacket are red watermelon.

The white around his sleeves and cap are white melon. His eyebrows are kiwi. In addition, his yellow scarf looks like pineapple. 

Moreover his eye look like black grapes and his nose looks like a blueberry.  It’s amazing that fresh fruit can be put together into such a cute Star Wars figure.

Furthermore, the background is black and white sesame seeds.

Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

Here’s the start of this edible creation.

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