Gadget Food Art

Gadget Hackwrench Food Art

This Gadget Hackwrench food art is a figure of her made using salmon and cooked egg white or white cheese.

This wonderful food art was made by Agata Cute Food.

Her hair was made using Nova lox salmon. Her face and tail were made using cooked egg white or white cheese. Her wrench was cut out from cooked egg white that has been colored and outlined with Nigiri seaweed  Her clothes look like they were made from an egg yolk egg white mixture to give it a yellow color.

This Scrooge McDuck fruit pie would make a nice addition to this. And you may also enjoy this Rescue Rangers Cake featuring Gadget.


Blue & Yellow Winnie the Pooh Cake

Blue & Yellow Pooh Cake

This blue & yellow Winnie the Pooh cake features fondant classic figures of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga, and Owl. Pooh is riding in a hot air balloon that is shaped like a Hunny pot. Bees are flying all around him.  Blue, yellow, and green balloons are holding up the Hunny pot hot air balloon basket. The rest are having a picnic nearby.

This wonderful cake was made by Lee Adinda. This cake has the words, Aspen’s full month. This would be perfect for a 1 month birthday celebration. 

Sky King Cake

Sky King TV show cake

I made this Sky King cake for my brother’s birthday and I made the cardinal cake on the other side for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  I wanted to do something special for each of them for their birthdays so I made this two-sided cake.

My brother loves airplanes and likes to watch Sky King. Sky King was a Television show  and radio show from the 1950’s.   The star of the show was named Schuyler “Sky” King. He was a rancher and aircraft pilot in the 1930’s west.  He used his plane Songbird to capture outlaws and find lost hikers in Arizona.  Songbird was a Cessna 310B.  In addition, his ranch was called the Flying Crown Ranch near Grover, Arizona.  The flying crown is painted onto the airplane. 

In addition, I made the airplane using fondant / gumpaste and painted it with edible powdered colors. The white of the plane was painted with liquid gel paint.

Moreover,  this red cardinal cake is on the other side of the Sky King cake  She really likes cardinals and the color red so I made this cake for her. Also, this cake was inspired by a cake made by Confection Deception. I made the cardinal from fondant / gumpaste. The little red flowers are fondant. I painted the red cake by painting on layers of red gel color mixed with vodka and red color powder applied on after that.  The red cake on top draws out the red of the cardinal and helps make the cardinal the focus of this side of the cake.  The balls on top could have been truffles or chocolate spheres, but since they were only needed for decoration, they were fondant covered styrofoam balls.

Here’s a link to other cakes I have made.

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Ever since I wrote the post about these cool Chilly Willy Cookies, I’ve been wanted to feature Woody Woodpecker. So when I saw this wonderful Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake made by Ket & Po, I had to share it.

This is a single tier cake that is designed to look like a log. Woody has pecked through it and is sticking his head out of the log. The top of the cake is decorated with orange and red chocolate balls. There is a number 3 gingerbread cookie which is designed to look like a piece of wood that Woody has also pecked through. Standing and looking shocked at the damage is Woody’s adversary – Buzz Buzzard.

While researching Buzz Buzzard, I found a cool piece of trivia. In the TV show, The New Woody Woodpecker Show, Buzz is voiced by no other than Luke Skywalker himself – Mark Hamill.

Since I love cartoons, I recently read Mel Blanc’ That’s Not All Folks! If you like vintage cartoons, I highly recommend that it. In the book, Mel talks about his time voicing Woody Woodpecker on cartoons and radio. My husband is a massive Old Time Radio fan, so I asked him about the Woody Woodpecker radio show.

Woody’s radio show wasn’t about his adventures. Instead, it was more like Reading Rainbow. Woody would introduce a picture book, it would be read aloud and then Woody would talk about the book. The episode I heard was interesting because one of the books featured was about Yosemite Sam. Having Woody Woodpecker (Walter Lantz’s star character) talking about Yosemite Sam (a Warner Brother’s character) would be like Batman reading a Spider-Man book to kids.

Another piece of funny Woody Woodpecker trivia. Mel Blanc used to record singles where he sang as different cartoons characters. These weren’t just novelty records. They sold like crazy. In fact, Mel’s record, The Woody Woodpecker Song, was so popular, it was the #1 record in the country. Long before Casey Kasem, there was a young crooner – Frank Sinatra – who had a weekly radio show where he sang the hit songs of the week. So there are recordings of Frank Sinatra singing The Woody Woodpecker Song!

While this is my first time featuring Woody Woodpecker on my blog, I’ve featured plenty of cartoon birds before.

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