Batman Beyond Cookies

Batman Beyond Cookies

These wonderful Batman Beyond 20th Birthday Cookies were made by Sweet Miniis.

These cookies feature Batman in four different poses – his hands by his side, hunching down while reaching out, a side view and a really dynamic cookie where he is jumping towards you. There are also cookies of Batman’s chest emblem and the series logo.

These are gorgeous cookies.

Batman Beyond was an animated series which ran for three seasons from 1999 until 2001. There were 52 episodes plus one movie – Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. 

The series takes place many years after Batman: The Animated Series. Bruce Wayne is too old to continue as Batman, so Terry McGinnis ends up becoming the new Batman. Bruce is in constant contact with Terry when he is in the costume. Even thought the show is called Batman Beyond, Terry is called Batman, not Batman Beyond.

One twist that I really like is that Commissioner Gordon is still over the Gotham City Police Department, but this Commissioner is Barbara Gordon (i.e. Batgirl) not Jim.

There is also a future version of the Justice League in a few episodes. This version eventually crosses over with Justice League Unlimited.

Batman Beyond launched a spin off – The Zeta Project which had 26 episodes. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen one episode of this series.

This version of Batman appears in two episodes of Justice League Unlimited and one episode of Static Shock. He has also appeared in many comic books. The latest Batman Beyond comic book series ended with issue #50 in December 2020. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be featured in a DC comic again soon.

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Batman 3rd Birthday Cookies

Batman 3rd Birthday Cookies

These great Batman 3rd Birthday Cookies were made by Gigi’s Cookie Jar

I really like the variety of designs that Dianna used. There are silhouettes of Batman, Batman’s Cowl, the Batmobile, and the Bat-Signal. Another design shows Gotham at night with the Bat-Signal shining in the sky. There is a round red, yellow and black cookie of Robin’s logo.

My favorite cookies in this fantastic set are the ones that spell out Dominic. Each cookie has a unique design. They include Batman and Robin from Batman The Animated Series, a yellow cookie with Bat-Symbols on it, Robin’s logo, the Joker, the Penguin, and a green cookie with question marks which represent the Riddler. The detail and variety on these seven cookies is fantastic.

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Disney Princess Cookies

Hand Drawn Disney Princess Cookies

Yesterday, I featured adorable hand drawn Baby Yoda Cookies made by Turquesa 51. Today, I’m featuring their delightful hand drawn Disney Princess Cookies.

Most of the cookies in the adorable set feature a Disney princess and a small version of an item associated with them. 

The cookies are:

  • Cinderella and one of the mice
  • Sleeping Beauty sleeping while standing up
  • Jasmine and the Genie’s lamp
  • Ariel as a human. She is wearing her blue dress. Flounder is with Ariel
  • Belle and Chip
  • Mulan and Cri-Kee
  • Anna and Olaf
  • Rapunzel and Pascal 
  • Tiana and the frog
  • Moana and a starfish
  • Elsa with her arms out and her dress flowing behind her. I have a close-up of this wonderful cookie below.


Elsa Cookie


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Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

These adorable hand drawn Baby Yoda Cookies were made by Turquesa 51.  This cute set of cookies consists of a center cookie with Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. There are seven round cookies featuring Grogu around the center cookie.

Baby Yoda’s facial expression on each cookie is wonderful.

The center cookie has Baby Yoda hugging The Mandalorian.  Mando has his hand on top of Baby Yoda’s head. 

Three of the round cookie show different expressions for Baby Yoda. In one he is happy and has hearts around his head. In another, he looks puzzled and there are question marks over his head. In the third, he looks mesmerized by what he is seeing.

The other cookie feature him in his pram pod, playing with a ball, using the force, and peeking out from behind a rock.

These cookies are too cute!

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