Peter Rabbit Cake

Cute Peter Rabbit Cake

This cute Peter Rabbit cake is a 3 tier cake with a terrific fondant figure of him on top.

Firstly, I like the way each tier is green on the bottom and blue on the top to represent the sky and grass.  It reminds me of a nice country meadow.

Secondly, each tier has a white picket fence that goes around part of the tier.

Thirdly, cute little cabbages, carrots, green peas, and flowers are around the bottom of each tier.

An adorable fondant Jemima Puddle-Duck figure is on the side of the middle tier.

This wonderful Peter Rabbit Cake was made by Arte da Ka.



Peter Rabbit Cake

Marvelous Peter Rabbit 2 Tier Birthday Cake

This marvelous Peter Rabbit 2 tier birthday cake features him on top with a basket of carrots beside him.

This wonderful cake was made by Jelly Cake

In addition, a large plaque on the side of the top tier gives the birthday name. The carrots around the plaque match the carrots on top of the cake.

Moreover, I like the way both tiers have a white picket fence around the bottom.

Furthermore, carrots on the top of the cake and on the bottom tier and the cake board tie everything together.

In addition, there is a vegetable basket with potatoes and lettuce, and a basket with carrots on the cake board that tie in with the carrot basket on top of the cake.

Moreover, if you look closely you can see tiny snails, ladybirds, and butterflies on the cake.

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Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

Cute Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

This cute pink Minnie Mouse cake is a 2 tier cake with a 2-D fondant Minnie Mouse in front of both tiers.

This wonderful cake was made by Teddy Baker

I like the way your eyes are immediately drawn to her.

In addition,  her pink bow and white gloves and pink shoes look like they are separate pieces of fondant. This adds some dimension to Minnie.

Moreover the light pink cake makes a nice background for Minnie.

Furthermore, pink, white, and gold spheres are scattered on the cake and cake board. A pink number 2 is beside the cake on top of the spheres. It represents a 2nd birthday celebration.

Moreover, 2 gold candles are with spheres on the other side of the cake.

In addition, the birthday name is written in gold letters in front of the cake.

Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

Moreover, this birthday cake comes in a nice clear box.


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Peter Rabbit Cake

Superb Peter Rabbit Christening Cake

This superb Peter Rabbit Christening cake is shaped like a tree stump with Petter Rabbit on the top. 

This wonderful cake was made by Jelly Cake

In addition, I like the ivy plant on the tree trunk that matches with the child’s name Ivy.

Moreover, the pink door matches with the pink flowers on the cake.


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