Raya & The Last Dragon Dinner

Raya And The Last Dragon Dinner

I was tempted to name this post Raya and the Last Shrimp, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would get the joke.

Sorrenteaux makes the most amazing pop culture dishes.  This is her Raya and the Last Dragon dinner plater.

Here is her description directly from Instagram:

“We took a trip to the magical land of Kumandra for our #familymovienight, and had a feast inspired by Chief Benja and his daughter Princess Raya.

🐉 We started with Raya’s jackfruit jerky (Chili + Lime Jackfruit Chews from@amazifoods), and finished with the stunning cookies from @alexiscustomdesigns.

Chief Benja’s Soup:
🍤 Shrimp Paste from Tail
🌱 Lemon Grass from Talon
🎍 Bamboo Shoots from Spine
🌶 Chili from Fang
🌴 Palm Sugar from Heart

@disneyraya is undoubtably a new favorite movie in our house, with such a touching message. This momma cried plenty, and totally tried to play it off as though it was from the spice of the yummy soup. Have you watched it yet? Can you spot the “Dragon Gems” on the board?

I love the way that Ashley chose foods that reflected the five tribes. Shrimp for Tail and Chili for Fang are just brilliant. Plus, she even added dragon gems.
Looking at this dinner makes me smile, the food looks delicious and the theming is wonderful.


Raya and The Last Dragon Cookies

Raya And The Last Dragon Cookies

Alexis Custom Designs made these lovely hand painted Raya and the Last Dragon Cookies for this dinner. Alexis and Ashely team-up regularly to create these stunning meals.


Raya & The Last Dragon Cookies

These great cookies features Raya, Sisu, and Tuk Tuk.

Bewitched Macarons

Bewitched Macarons

These wonderful Bewitched Macarons were made by petite meringue. They were made for Mother’s Day.


Bewitched Macarons

These magical macarons feature Samantha Stephens dressed as a witch. She is sitting with her legs underneath her and her arms behind her. This is from the classic animated opening sequence where Samantha is dressed as witch and riding a broom. As she flies through the air, she skywrites the word Bewitched.

Bewitched Macarons

I can’t recall if I watched Bewitched when it first aired, but I know I watched it regularly when it was in syndication. The whole idea of a housewife secretly being a witch and having to deal with her magical mother and other relations was so much fun. 

Elizabeth Montgomery was absolutely wonderful as Samantha. Agnes Moorehead was terrific as Endora. I’m a big fan of classic movies and I remember my surprise seeing Agnes in movies like Citizen Kane. She was such an amazing actress. While he wasn’t in as many episodes (18 episodes total), I also really liked Bernard Fox as the witch doctor Dr. Bombay.


Bewitched Macarons

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I’m a big fan of The Flintstones. So I had to mention my favorite appearance of Samantha and Darrin outside of Bewitched. In the Flintstones episode, “Samantha”, the Flintstones get new neighbors – Samantha and Darrin Stephens. What really makes this episode fun is that Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York provide the voices for their characters.  

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Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake

Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake

This spectacular Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake was made by Cake-A-Doodle By Nimitha Moideen. It features Spider-Gwen standing in front of a spider web with a cityscape above her.

Spider-Gwen’s costume is really complex. If she had been created during the Silver or Bronze Age of comics, her costume would have been redesigned because printing back then couldn’t have created the pink and purple design inside her cowl and on her arms. Nimitha does an amazing job recreating this extremely difficult costume.

The use of color on this cake is terrific. Gwen’s costume has four colors – white, black, pink, and purple. The cake behind Gwen is pink with a large spider web, while the cityscape above her is purple. This draws out these two colors in Gwen’s costume.  

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Star Wars Cupcakes

Star Wars Cupcakes

These cute Star Wars Cupcakes were made by Sarah’s Cakes and Sweets.

There are three characters in this set – Darth Vader, Yoda, and Leia. Each character is created from two cupcakes. The top cupcake being their head and the bottom cupcake being their body.

Darth Vader is wearing his helmet and armor and holding his red lightsaber.

Yoda is in his traditionally brown robe. “When cupcake, you become… Look as good, you will not.” 

Leia is wearing the white dress she wore during A New Hope. She has Leia’s signature side hair buns.

These cupcakes are too cute!

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