Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes

These marvelous black and white Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Cupcakes were made by Ruksana Khalid.  I really like the design of these cupcakes. Zero, who is usually white since he is a ghost dog, is black and his cupcake is white. Likewise, Oogie Boogie is white with black accents. Sally is done in reverse as well. These really creative design choices make these wonderful cupcakes stand out.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes


Up Pumpkin carved by Christy Johnson

This cute Up Pumpkin was carved by Christy Johnson. The detail on this carving is wonderful. The roof even has a weathervane. If you look at the porch, you’ll see Carl and Ellie’s chairs there. This pumpkin features Carl’s house being carried away by balloons. Up is one of my favorite Pixar films. So, when I saw this adorable pumpkin, I had to share it.

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Munsters Cookie

This Herman Munster Cookie makes me smile. I can’t decide what I like more – the vintage television set, Herman, or that the picture looks a just a little out of focus and grainy. This marvelous cookie was made by Cookie Ninja for the Childhood TV Show Cookie Collaboration.


Herman Munster Cookie

The television and the image on it are separate cookies. This duo-tone painting of Herman Munster is absolutely wonderful.  I like how the image of Herman is clear while the background and bats look a little fuzzy. It really makes it look like this was being watched on an old television set.


Vintage Television Cookie

This vintage television is so cute. It has picture tube, VHF and UHF nobs, and a speaker. The only thing missing is rabbit ears. This wonderful cookie set brings back happy childhood memories.