Ratatouille Cookies

Ratatouille Cookies

Ratatouille Cookies

These wonderful Ratatouille Cookies were made by Joliette Marie. They feature a close-up of Remy’s face, Remy stretching to reach a tomato, Remy wearing a chef’s hat and holding a large wooden spoon,  a close-up of Alfredo Linguini (such a great name), the Ratatouille logo which is a chef’s hat with a pair of whiskers under it, a chef’s hat with the silhouette of Remy on it, images from Anyone Can Cook and more cute designs.

These are such fun cookies!


Remy & Alfredo Cookies

Here is another view of these delightful cookies.

Planning a Ratatouille party?

The detail on this Remy Chocolate Covered Strawberry is amazing!

One of the most popular cake I’ve ever posted is this Ratatouille Cake! One of designs above is Remy’s silhouette in a chef’s hat. This cake does the same thing, but the chef’s hat is made out of wafer paper, so it is semi transparent.

This cute cake is a Stand-up 3-D Remy.


Meeko Cookies

These cookies feature Meeko, the racoon from Pocahontas, in various poses

Meeko Cookies

These adorable Meeko Cookies were made by Joliette Marie. There are six cookies in this delightful set. Each cookie has a different design. Two are close-ups of Meeko’s head.  The other four are full bodied and have Meeko in different poses. While they’re all cute, I think my favorites are the close-ups of Meeko’s head. Joliette does a wonderful job with facial expressions. She manages to convey so much with how his eyes are looking, whether his mouth is opened or closed and how his head is tilted. These cookies are so much fun!

Planning a Pocahontas Party?

These 3rd Birthday Cookies include Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, a compass, Pocahontas’ necklace, a teepee, and sunflowers.

This Pocahontas Cookie is elaborately decorated and has its own little stand.

The Gruesomes Cookies

The Gruesomes Cookies

The Gruesomes Cookies

I made these The Gruesomes Cookies for my husband. He is a big fan of The Flinstones .The cookies feature Weirdly and Creepella Gruesome and Fred Flintstone.  These cookies are based on scenes from the Flintstone’s TV show episode by the same name which my husband really likes.

In the episode Fred and Barney are babysitting their new neighbor’s child Goblin in his house which is named Tombstone Manor.  While in the house they encounter many interesting and frightening creatures including the man eating plant.  As seen on the last cookie, the plant temporarily gets the drop on Fred. 

I liked telling a story of this Fred Flintstone adventure using cookies.

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These great Flintstones Cupcakes feature Dino along with Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebble and Bamm-Bamm.

Fred & Wilma Flintstone wedding cake with Dino and Bedrock house

Barney, Fred, Betty, Wilma, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm in their car

Cinderella Castle Teapot Cookie

Cinderella Castle Teapot Cookie

This Cinderella Castle Teapot Cookie was based on a Disney Parks Cinderella Castle Teapot that is Toile Blue and White. I have seen Toile patterns in blue and black so I wanted to try a cookie with a design in black. The actual teapot is much larger. I made a small teapot cookie.  I drew only the Disney castle on the cookie and small simple swirls at the top and bottom of the teapot cookie.  Since the cookie was small, I did not include the background of clouds and mountains. I used an ultra fine tip edible marker to draw the castle.   


Here is a picture of the actual teapot.

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