Muppet Beaker Cookie

Muppet Beaker Cookie

Muppet Beaker Cookie

This Muppet Beaker Cookie has a black  chalkboard looking background with scientific notations written on it.  Beaker is in the middle. He is hand-drawn onto a separate piece of white royal icing.  This cookie is the perfect gift for a chemist’s birthday celebration.

This wonderful cookie was made by SweetArts by T.  Beaker was Dr Bunsen Honeydew’s assistant in  The Muppet Show.


Disney Treasures Beaker Portrait by Tom Rogerson

This cookie is based on the Beaker Disney Treasures On Canvas by Tom Rogerson.

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Revisiting 12 Women Superheroes A Decade Later

Superhero Cookies

12 Women Superhero Cookies

For International Women’s Day, I wanted to spotlight cakes or cookies featuring women superheroes.  I remembered this spectacular set of superhero cookies I featured a decade ago. I thought it would be really cool to share them again and to look at what has happened to each of these 12 Women Superheroes in the last decade.

These cookies were made by Audrey’s Cookies, who unfortunately doesn’t appear to be in business anymore. The superheroes featured on these cookies are Batgirl, Storm, Supergirl, She-Hulk, Psylocke, Rogue, X-23, Elektra, Big Barda, The Black Cat, Wonder Woman and Tigra.

A lot has changed in the decade since I last featured these cookies. Modern comics books and movies have really began to focus more on female creators, characters and fans. Because of this, there are more woman superheroes than ever and they’re represented so much better. 

In the last decade, a lot of these characters have thrived and grown in popularity.

  • Supergirl had a TV show that lasted six seasons and DC recently announced plans for a Supergirl movie.
  • Wonder Woman starred in two movies.
  • She-Hulk had her own TV series on Disney+.
  • Rogue got married. She and Gambit have had a monthly comic book series and a few mini-series since their marriage.
  • Laura Kinney no long goes by the name X-23. These days she’s Wolverine. Laura has had her own Wolverine comic book series and has joined the X-Men.
  • Last month, Marvel announced that they’ll be publishing a new series starring Storm. Plus, Storm is one of the main characters in the extremely popular X-Men Red. 
  • Elektra is featured every month in Daredevil and for awhile she even took on the mantle of Daredevil. She has also been featured in Savage Avengers.
  • Black Cat has become so popular that she has had a monthly comic book series and multiple mini-series over the last few years.

Unfortunately, the years haven’t been great for everyone.

  • Batgirl had a movie canceled after the filming was completed.
  • Tigra seems to be destined to be a minor supporting comic book character. This surprises me, because I see a lot of similarities to Tigra and She-Hulk. She-Hulk is a twist on the classic horror trope “radiation turned me into a monster”. Tigra is a twist of the classic horror trope “I’ve been turned into a werewolf”.
  • Big Barda, who I think could be a major DC character, really hasn’t gotten that much attention. There were plans for a Female Furies film, but it never came to be.

I saved Psylocke for last intentionally. I’m not enough of an X-Men expert to explain everything that has happened with Psylocke and her related characters Captain Britain, Betsy Braddock and Kwannon. In short, the last few years have been great for Betsy, but because of that Psylocke has gotten less attention.  

Lastly, if you created this set now, I think it would include the Scarlet Witch, Harley Quinn, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and Spider-Gwen. These five characters have really grown in popularity and two of them aren’t even a decade old.

While Gwen Stacy has been around for decades, the alternate universe version of her, Spider-Gwen, is less than a decade old. While Kamala Khan first appeared in a minor cameo a decade ago, her comic book series, Ms. Marvel, began 9 years ago. I’ve no doubt that the next decade will see the creation of more amazing female characters.


Superhero Cookies

Here is another view of these awesome women. 

My favorite part of these cookies? Audrey took individual photographs of each superhero.


Big Barda Cookie

Big Barda


Psylocke Cookie



Elektra Cookie



Batgirl Cookie



Wonder Woman Cookie

Wonder Woman


Black Cat Cookie

The Black Cat


Rogue Cookie



Tigra Cookie



She-Hulk Cookie



Storm Cookie



Supergirl Cookie



X-23 Cookie


The last decade has been amazing for women characters, creators and fans. I cannot wait to see what the next decade brings.

Stitch Cookie With A Cartoon Background

This Stitch Cookie has an zoom background of a cartoon of Hawaii

Stitch Cookie with a Cartoon Background

This great Stitch Cookie with a Cartoon Background was made by Biscoitos Decorados | Nataline Cookies. Stitch is sitting on the ground. His feet are out in front of him and his tail is behind him. Stitch is licking his lips. His ears are sticking straight up and his hands are on the sides of his head. Mariele did a wonderful job making Stitch look 3-D on a 2-D cookie.

The way Mariele photographed this cookie is absolutely brilliant. She got a Zoom background that looks just like one of the Hawaiian beaches in Lilo & Stitch. Then she held up the cookie and photographed it.

I’ve often made the comment that a cookie was so perfect that it looked like it had jumped out of the movie screen. Mariele does the exact opposite. She has her Stitch cookie jump into the movie. The results are magical!

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Dumbo Dumpling Bento Box

Dumbo Dumpling Bento Box

Dumbo Dumpling Bento Box

This Dumbo Dumpling Bento Box features Dumbo who is completely made from pieces of dumpling.  He is surrounded by vegetables and egg white daisies. It  is a terrific meal for a Disney Dumbo fan.  

The bowl has tomatoes, greens, yellow squash, fried balls, radish roses, egg white daisies. At the center is Dumbo who is completely made from pieces of dumpling.  Also his face and trunk is a large light blue-gray shaped dumpling. His eyes are egg white and black olive pieces. In addition his hat is made from 2 pieces of yellow bell pepper. Each ear is a separate dumpling that is pink on the inside and light blue-grayon the outside. Also his 4 legs are separate dumplings. Finally his cape is a piece of red bell pepper.

This wonderful bento box was made by Hisena03.

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