Seven Tier Disneyland Cake

Disneyland Cake

Disneyland Cake

This seven tier Disneyland cake features characters and scenes from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Pixar Pier, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moana & Maui, Coco, the 3 Caballeros from the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot in Florida, the Enchanted Tiki Room,  and Mickey from Fantasmic and a Mickey Mouse Ears black hat on top.

This wonderful cake was made by Eibba890. The top tier of the cake is a black Mickey Mouse ears hat with the birthday name. The 2nd tier has Mockey Mouse dressed in his sorcerer’s apprentice outfit with the enchanted brooms. He is fighting the dragon like in the show Fantasmic. Next the 3rd tier features the Enchanted Tiki Room. The 4th tier has represents the show A musical Celebration of Coco with Miquel, Ernest de la Cruz, and Hector.  The other side of the tier has the 3 Caballeros with Donald Duck. In addition the 5th tier has a pirate ship and a Kraken from The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. On the other side is Moana and Maui and HeiHei the chicken. Next the 6th tier represents Pixar Pier with the Incredicoaster and the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel. Finally the bottom tier represents Disney’s The Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland Cake

This is a side view of the cake.  Notice the three hitchhiking ghosts, a doom buggy, the Haunted Mansion,  the Kraken, Incredible Baby Jack-Jack , HeiHei,  and the enchanted brooms.


Disneyland Cake

This is a view of the back of the cake. Notice the Hatbox ghost and the 3 Caballeros.

Close-ups of the tiers

Mickey Fantastic Cake

Here’s a nice vie of Mickey Mouse in his  sorcerer’s Apprentice red robe and blue hat. He is battling the dragon just like in  the Fantasmic show.

Next here’s a close-up of the fondant Haunted Mansion and one of the hitchhiking ghosts.

In addition here’s a picture of the fondants cutouts of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts and a Doom Buggy. The purple wallpaper was painted on the cake tier behind them.

Also here’s a close-up of the Hatbox ghost.

Pixar Pier Cake

In addition here’s a view of the Pixar Mickey ferris wheel, the Incredicoaster, and the Pixar Pier entrance sign. In addition notice the portrait of Madame Leota and the doom buggy.

Also here’s a close-up of the pirate treasure map.

In addition here’s a close-up of the Kraken.

Also here’s a fondant cutout of Moana and Maui on one tier and Mr. Incredible and Dash on another tier.

In addition here’s a close-up of Miguel and Hector.

Coco Cake

Also here’s a close-up of Ernesto from Coco.

Finally here’s a picture of the 3 caballeros and HeiHei.

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Mrs Jumbo & Dumbo Cookie

Dumbo cookie

Mrs Jumbo and Dumbo cookie

This Mrs. Jumbo & Dumbo cookie features Dumbo and his mom. She is holding him in her trunk. She is looking down at him and he is looking up at her.  The eyes really make this cookie.

This wonderful cookie was made by Xanath Custom Cookies. This cookie is so adorable.  Details of Mrs. Jumbo’s trunk and eyes and Dumbo’s trunk, feet, and eyes were hand-painted. The ruffle and bow on her hat is pink royal icing. His hat is yellow royal icing.

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Eight Disney Princess Cookies

Eight Disney Princess Cookies

These Hand-painted eight Disney Princess cookies feature Merida,  Aurora,  Rapunzel, Mulan, Belle, Jasmine, Anna, Ariel. Each one has wonderfully expressive eyes.

These wonderful cookies were made bySweet Creations Me.

Firstly the Merida cookie has red orange royal icing for her hair and aquamarine royal icing for her dress. I like the small orange royal icing curls in her hair. They add to the curly look.  Her eyes and facial features are hand-painted.

Secondly this Anna cookie has a hand-painted face and painted details to her hair.  Her purple shawl has purple and white royal icing accents.

Thirdly this Ariel cookie has a hand-painted face and painted details to her hair.  Her purple shawl has purple and white royal icing accents. Red royal icing  was used to make sections of hair.

Fourthly this Belle cookie has a hand-painted face and painted details to her hair.   Also yellow royal icing was used to make her hair band and her dress.  I like the way the yellow royal  icing was put on in sections to make the folds of the dress sleeves.

Next this Jasmine cookie uses gold royal icing for her earrings and necklace. Her hair was made using black royal icing. Also her dress and hair decorations were made using aquamarine royal icing.

In addition  this Rapunzel cookie uses yellow royal icing for her hair and pink and purple icing for her dress.

Next this Aurora cookie uses light and dark pink royal icing for her dress. In addition yellow royal icing was used for her hair.  White hair highlights were painted onto the hair.

Finally this Mulan cookie uses sections of black royal icing for her hair.  Blue highlights were painted into her hair. Also her eyes and mouth were hand-painted.

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Stitch Astronaut Cookies

Stitch Astronaut Cookies

Stitch Astronaut Cookies

These adorable Stitch Astronaut Cookies were made by Sweet Creations ME. They were made for a 10 birthday. Having Stitch, who is an alien, dressed as an astronaut in outer space is such a fun idea. The set of cookie also includes close-ups of Stitch’s head, rocky and pockmarked circles that look like the moon, star that have little planets in them and 10th birthday cookies covered with doodle of things related to outer space.

Stitch 10th Birthday Cookies

This cute Stitch Cookie has the birthday girls name written on it. This also give you a great view of the moon cookie. The surface a rough and there are craters.


Astronaut Stitch Cookies

I don’t recall Stitch being in an astronaut suit in either the movies or animated series. I’m surprised because he looks really cute.


10th Birthday Space Cookie

I really like this black and white 10th birthday cookie. The cookie is filled with little doodles of planets, astronauts, constellations, rockets and telescopes. My favorite doodle is the planet with the ring around it and the flag sticking out of it because it also looks like a face. This is such a fun cookie.


Stitch 10th Birthday Cookies Astronaut Stitch Cookie

Having the astronaut suit being white with black and silver accents really makes what little we see of Stitch stand out. Because of this wonderful design, Stitch’s face becomes the focal point of the cookie.


Spaceman Stitch Cookie

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