A Sweet Heart for My Sweetheart Cake Recipe – Part 3

Sweetheart cake with label

Sweetheart cake side view with label This heart cake is a very decorative and yummy treat you can prepare for your favorite valentine.  This heart cake is a very decorative and yummy treat you can prepare for your favorite valentine.  This recipe is divided into 3 parts: Baking the red velvet cake, Baking the white chocolate torte cake, and putting the 2 cakes together. 




This is part 3 and is the part of the recipe talks about how to put together the Red velvet cake and the White chocolate torte cake.


Tools Needed

Paring knife

Clean plate or cake round


Recipe steps:

Prepare the Red Velvet cake.

Ingredients needed

Red velvet cake layer.

2 Wilton Cake Movers




Make a ¼ inch deep cut where the heart joins at its point and at the top of the heart in the middle.  This separates the heart into 2 halves. Then carefully take a paring knife and place it the blade parallel to the table about ¼ inch below the top edge of the cake and cut under the heart shaped design on the edge of the cake to remove the outer heart design.  The knife should cut off the design and leave the cake so that it is about the same height and no lower than the part of the cake that is not raised by the design. Try not to break the heart design as you cut it. Carefully slide the Wilton cake lifter under one side of the edges of the heart.  




Take the white chocolate cake out of the refrigerator.

Very carefully place the first side of the outer heart onto the white chocolate cake onto its outer heart edges. 




Next cut off the other side of the outer heart shape just as you did the first side above and place it onto the white chocolate cake.




Then cut one design at a time off of the red velvet cake and move it carefully over to the white chocolate cake using the Wilton cake lifters trying not to carry over too many crumbs.




Continue until all designs have been moved over.




Now using 2 Wilton cake lifters, very carefully lift the white chocolate cake off of its board and onto the red velvet cake.   Place the two Wilton cake lifters on both sides of the cake. Carefully slide them underneath the cake at the same time. Now place the white cake on top of the red cake. You will probably need to push gently on the sides of the white chocolate cake while trying to lift it off of its board and when you are placing it on top of the red velvet cake to keep it from breaking. 




< span style=”font-family: times new roman”>The cake is now finished.  Cover loosely with plastic wrap and place back in the refrigerator until ready to serve. 




The small decorative pieces of red velvet cake on top of the white chocolate cake will dry out rather quickly.  This cake should be served within a hour or two after it is completed so that the decorative pieces will not be too hard.




The red velvet and the white chocolate make a great flavor combination and compliment each other well. 


No icing is necessary and additional icing for either cake would be undesirable because the whole cake would be too sweet.

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