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Wonderful Cat in the Hat Cakes


A cat in the hat, how can it be?

No, there cannot be a cake of me

And what of bath tubs filled by water being showered

With me holding an umbrella and a cupcake waiting to be devoured

And what of a cake that’s ten layers tall

Surely there cannot be one like that, at all

And what of cats popping out of a book

with hats tipping precariously toward an empty nook

One of those you could not give to me

A cake of that there will never be

And what of kite flying with Thing one and Thing two

In a room with pictures, and staircases, and walls all blue

And now that I’m sure things like those will never be

I’ll look beneath just to see 

Cat in the Hat Cake 

This cake was created by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes of Boston.


Cat in the Hat Cake

This Cat in the Hat taking a bath made by Planet Cakein Australia.  Of the hundreds of cakes we’ve posted, this one is my husband’s favorite.


Cat in the Hat Cake

This Cat with the large hat was created by Quaint Cake.


Cat in the Hat Cake

This cake was made by Cakes Beyond Belief in the United Kingdom.


 Cat in the Hat Cake

 This cake was made by Sin Desserts in Providence, Rhode Island. 

This post is dedicated to Kate

Co-director of Seussical the Musical