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Crivens! It’s a Discworld Cake!

Discworld Cake


Aye what ‘r ye grinnin’ for ye grey beasties.

Ye thinks it’s funny do ya?

I’ll show ya, ye scunners.

What ‘r ye doin’, Daft Wee Wullie? Ye must a fell on ye heid one tea many times. Can ye not see it’s the work of Aurora Cakes.

Aye I suppose it is. Nobody else canna make a cake o’ such haggin’.


Discworld Cake 2


Ye grey beasties, taste good tea. Ya must o’ drunk some o’ the old hag’s special sheep liniment tea taste so good.

Aye Daft Wee Wullie, what r’ ye doin’?

Rob, tis a cake I was fightin’.

Aye ye ‘r right Daft Wee Wullie, this is some serious haggin’.

Look at the grey beasties on top o’ that big beastie’s shell, tis enough to show that tis the work o’ the hag o’ hags.


Discworld Cake 3


Aye now we need tea offski. We ha’ a cake to ate.