These Archie Cupcakes Are As Sweet As Sugar

Archie Cupcake



These wonderful Archie and Friends Cupcakes were made by Aikko from Bake Happy.  The five characters are Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Reggie Mantle, and Jughead Jones.


Comic book fans love to debate questions like:

  • Is Superman or the Hulk stronger?
  • Is Batman smarter than Captain America?
  • Should Archie marry Betty or Veronica?

Here’s my 2 cents on “Should Archie marry Betty or Veronica?”



Archie Cupcake



Archie & Veronica: I’ve always thought Veronica was better looking than Betty.  Plus, she’s richer.  Being married to Veronica would be a lot of fun; Veronica is not the type who stays home and watches TV all evening.  While Veronica has a lot going for her, I’ve always thought she was shallow.  Can you imagine Veronica taking care of a child or what she’d be like as she grew older?



Archie Cupcake



Archie & Betty: Betty is down to earth, practical, loving and loyal.  She’d make a wonderful life long companion.  She’d be a wonderful mother and great to grow old with.


For me, it’s a no brainer.  Betty wins easily.


Here are more pictures of Akkiko’s awesome cupcakes.




Jughead Cupcake



Archie Cupcake



Archie & Friends Cupcakes








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