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Awesome Doctor Who Cookie Kit


Exterminating every living creature on earth isn’t enough for the Dalek’s, now they also want to invade your kitchen.

Doctor Who Cookie Kit

Unfortunately, the latest Dalek invasion is limited to England.  Green’s Bakery Brand makes a Doctor Who Cookie Kit that includes a plastic Dalek cookie cutter, cookie mix, Rice Krispies and icing gel.  Does anyone know what the “Free Doctor Who gift” included inside is?

Johnson Cameraface's posted some wonderful pictures of these cookies.  (if you ever have a few hours to kill, browsing Johnson Cameraface's Flickr photostream is a great way to pass time.)

Contents of Dalek Cookie Kit

Here is the content of the box.  I want one of those Dalek Cookie Cutters.  Johnson did not use the icing gel on his cookies.

Dalek Cookie Instructions

The instructions look simple enough.

Dalek Cookies Prior To Baking Them

These are prior to baking.

Dalek Cookies

Here’s the final yummy looking results.