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Gravity Defying Graceland Cake

Graceland Cake

I loved LPs when I was a kid.  Remember playing them backward and hearing hidden messages like “I buried Paul”? 

Sharon Forbes hasn’t forgotten those days either.  In fact, Sharon found that if you turn a cake sideways, it says “Graceland”. 

Look at the cake.  It standing on its side.

I asked Sharon how she made this gravity defying cake.  The cake was a fruit cake, so it could sit out longer than a regular cake.  Sharon made an the ‘L” shaped cakeboard.  She put dabs of Royal Icing on the cake and stuck it to the board.  She then decorated the cake laying down.  She let the decorated cake for a few days until it was completely dried.  She then flipped the cake board and finished decorating the cake.  The end results is amazing!


Gates to Graceland

Sharon even recreated Graceland’s famous gates.