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Splendid Darth Vader Cake

Darth Vader Cake

This Splendid Darth Vader Cake was made by Dolce Favola. The Death Star is behind Darth Vader. He is standing on top of this multi-tier Star Wars Birthday cake.

The bottom cake layer is black. The birthday name is written in gold Star Wars logo type letters. Who blue cake layers are on top of the black cake layer to represent outer space. There is a number 20 just below Darth Vader to represent birthday age.

Darth Vader Cake Topper

Darth Vader’s black cape is draped in front of him. He is holding his red lightsaber in his hand. the lightsaber was made using red isomalt. The other hand is reaching out in front of him. 

Darth Vader’s mask is looking toward his outstretched hand.

This Star Wars cake topper was made using chocolate and sugar paste. It has no metal internal structure.

This make an excellent centerpiece for this Star Wars Birthday cake.