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Stunning Lilo and Stitch Cookies

Lilo and Stitch Cookies

Wow! These stunning cookies were made by Sugart Jeanne.  These detail on these cookies is amazing!  The way Jeanne uses layers and textures make these cookies look 3-D.


Lilo and Stitch Cookies

Lilo Cookie

This is the best Lilo cookie I’ve seen.  I love how her dress is on top of her; her arms and feet stick out from under the dress.  Her hair is both in front and behind her head.  I also really like the Lilo’s facial expression with the big eyes, mouth, and nose.


Stitch Cookie

Stitch is wonderful! The detail is amazing.  He has pointy claws, sharp teeth, the ridge at the base of his nose, and the little cut outs in his ears. What a gorgeous cookie!