Marie Cakes

Superb Marie Sculpted Cake

Marie Sculpted Cake

This superb Marie Sculpted Cake is a cute edible representation of this Aristocats character.

This wonderful cake was made by Cloud 9 Cakes.

The cake board is pink. The birthday day name is written in pink letters. The cake board matches Marie’s bow, ears, and collar.

Marie has a smile on her face.

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Wonderful Marie Cake

Disney Marie Cake  

This Wonderful Marie Cake was made by Carmen Iordache.

This Disney Cake show a 3-D Marie sitting on top of a golden pillow. She is surrounded by blue, pink, and gold hearts. The cake is made for a first birthday. Blue, pink, and purple balls of yarn are around the pillow. Marie is wearing a pink ribbon. 

A golden braided band is around the bottom of the pink Aristocats cake. 

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Marvelous Aristocats Marie 2nd Birthday Cake

Disney Marie Cake

This Marvelous Aristocats Marie Birthday Cake was made by la torta perfetta cake. This is a multi-tiered cake that has two purple hearts on top.

The top layer has a purple 2 to represent the birthday age.

The middle layer has drawing of the house from Disney’s Aristocats in the background.  A large cutout of Marie is in the front. She is wearing a purple bow around her neck and in her hair.

The bottom layer has the Birthday name with a purple bow and white hearts.

The cake board is covered in a gray cobblestone pattern.

Marie Cake

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Cute Marie Valentine’s Day Cake

Marie Cake

This Cute Aristocats Valentine’s Day Cake was made by The Clever little Cupcake Company. 

What if your sweetheart is a huge Disney Aristocats Fan.

What if, instead of the usual box of chocolates and a stuffed animal of Marie, you want to do something totally different to make her feel really special.

This Marie Valentine’s Day Cake is a great way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to that someone special.  

It combines something sweet and an edible Disney Aristocats Marie figure. Marie is sitting on top of a yellow pillow on top of this cake. There are green flowers on the pillow that match the green flowers on the cake. 

This Disney Valentine’s Day Cake is light pink with dainty darker pink hearts and green flowers with pink centers. There is a light pink ribbon around the bottom edge of the cake. The cake board has the words, “Be My Valentine”, written in pink letters with a pink heart and green flower on each side.

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