Amazing Twilight Cakes


Twillight Cake

Kell’s Kreations made this Twilight cake.  Additional photos of this cake can be found in Kell’s Kreations’ photostream.


Twilight Cake

These are Twilight figures, Edward and Bella, dressed for a prom, created by Mad Baker.  They’re models for a Twilight wedding cake topper she is designing.



Twillight Cake

This painted Twilight cake was made by the Artisan Cake Company.



Twilight Cake 

This wonderful painted cake of the first Twilight book was made by Donna Makes Cakes.



Twillight Cake  Twillight Cake  Twillight Cake 

This Twilight cake represents the four books in the series. Both tiers are covered in white buttercream. There are black icing scrolls on the top, and black fondant squares on the bottom. The apple, flower, chess pieces, ribbon, and "Happy Birthday" sign are all hand sculpted out of fondant.  The artist’s favorite was the Knight chess piece, because it was the most challenging.   This cake was made by tcam


Twilight Cake with Edward and Jacob

Twillight Cake

This was made by Chocolate Moose Cakes. Edward and Jacob are gumpaste.  The top and middle tiers are fondant covered cake.   The bottom is buttercream cake with fondant and gumpaste accessories.

This Twilight New Moon Cake depicts the Volturi Family, Cullen Family, and Wolf Pack.  It was baked by Cauldron Cake Bakers.

Twillight Cake Twillight Cake

These pictures show the Wolf and Cullen sides of the cake.

Twillight Cake

This picture shows the Volturi Family side of the cake.



Twilight Book Cake

This Breaking Dawn cake was made by CaralinRuth.



Twillight Cake

This New Moon Werewolf cake was made by Isabella’s Sweet Tooth  The Werewolf is made of Rice Krispies Treats covered in fondant.  The fur is made from royal icing.


Twillight Cake

This amazing Twilight cake was made by Cake and Art


 Twilight Cupcakes

This Twilight mini-cake & cupcakes were made by Wild Orchard Baking Company.

Twillight Cake

This Twilight bedroom cake was made by Sassy Cakes by Nina.