Don’t Look At This Marvel Zombies Cake, It’ll Eat Your Brain!


Marvel Zombies Cake

This wonderful Marvel Zombies Cake was made by Michelle from Sweet Flair.


It’s pretty obvious who three of the characters are – Spider-Man, Captain America & Wolverine.  But can you identify the fourth?

Marvel Zombies Cake


I’ll give you a hint – While he has appeared in dozens of comic books, only two of them were published by Marvel.


Zombie WolverineZombie WolverineZombie WolverineZombie Spider-ManZombie Captain America  Zombie Captain AmericaZombie Flash Gordon

The mysterious fourth character is Flash Gordon.  Michelle added Flash because the person who ordered the cake was dressing up as Flash Gordon for Halloween.

Zombie Flash GordonZombie WolverineZombie WolverineZombie Spider-ManZombie Spider-ManZombie Spider-ManZombie Captain AmericaZombie Captain AmericaZombie Captain AmericaZombie Captain America          Zombie Captain America  Zombie Flash Gordon     

Zombie Flash Gordon