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Magnificent Muppets Cake Featuring Statler and Waldorf


Muppets Cake 


I don’t feel so well.


What’s wrong?


It’s either this blog or indigestion.  And, I hope it’s indigestion.




Because if it’s indigestion, it’ll get better in a little while. 


What monstrosity do they have for us today?


Probably another Star Wars cake.


They’ll have to force me to look at another Star Wars cake.


You think this blog would learn.


You’d think we would learn.


Muppets Cake


You know I actually like that cake.


Yeah, I kind of like it to.


My favorite part is the man by the old goat on top of the cake.


I’m glad you liked my picture, you old goat!


Muppets Cake


A mouse just handed me a card.


What does it say?


The mouse didn’t say anything.


Not the mouse, the card.


The card? It’s a card, it doesn’t say anything.


Read the card.


Oh.  “This awesome muppets cake was made by Tiers of Happiness.”


That Tiers of Happiness is a real credit to their race.


What race is that?


The 100 yard dash.


And they haven’t run away yet?


Come to think of it, we haven’t run away either.


Let’s scram!


Wait for me!