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Rootin Tootin Jessie and Bullseye Cake


Toy Story CakeBullseye FigureJessie Figure

This great Jessie and Bullseye cake was made by Donna Makes Cakes.   I know from experience that one of the hardest things to do is to make figures; but this is one thing that Donna of Donna Makes Cakes excels at like a gunslinger draws a pistol. The detail of the facial features, the eyes and the slight coloring, the stiches on Bullseye, the white trim on the smaller hat atop Jessie’s head, are the attention to detail that seems to be her personal watermark. If you’ve got a cute little cowgirl or cowboy of your own in Leeds or West Yorkshire Donna Makes Cakes is open for any cake, cupcake, and cookie for all of your special occasions.

Donna Eastwood is the queen of Toy Story Cakes.  She also created these cakes featuring Rex, Buzz Lightyear and The Little Green Men and Buzz, Woody and The Little Green Men