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Stunning Beatrix Potter Cake



This beautiful Beatrix Potter Cake featuring The Tailor of Gloucester was created by Natasha Collins.  Natasha is a wonderful painter and hand paints all of her cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and gingerbread houses.  The results are amazing.  The centerpiece of this cake, the mouse sitting on the spool of thread, is based on the cover of “The Tailor of  Gloucester”.  Natasha’s paintings on the side cake are based on the book’s interior artwork.

Natasha runs the blog Amelie’s House and the bakery Nevie-Pie Cakes.  Nevie-Pie Cake is located in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.  Hand painted cakes are their specialty.  Cakes or cookies are painted with food colourings and are totally edible.  They also make customized cake toppers.