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Amazing Doctor Who Cake and Cupcakes

Doctor Who Cake

These Doctor Who Cupcakes and Cake were made by Regali Kitchen.  This amazing cake and cupcakes together The Doctor and his enemies from the “The Pandorica Opens.” This Doctor Who Cake and cupcakes feature the Pandorica, The Doctor, a sonic screwdriver, a Red Drone Dalek, a White Eternal Dalek, a Yellow Supreme Dalek, Cybermen, the TARDIS, Rory as a Roman Soldier, the birthday girl as The Doctor’s companion, Weeping Angels, a Sontaran, Sycorax, Zygon, Judoon Commander and Guard, and Sontaran and Sontaran Commander Stark.


Pandorica Cake

Matt Smith as The Doctor, the TARDIS, the birthday girl as the Doctor’s companion, and the sonic screwdriver.

TARDIS Cupcake



Dalek Cupcakes 

Red Drone Dalek, White Eternal Dalek, Yellow Supreme Dalek


Pandorica Cake

Open Pandorica and Rory


Weeping Angels Cupcakes

Weeping Angels – DON’T BLINK!


Cybermen Cupcakes



Sycorax Cupcake



Zygon Cupcake



Judoon Cupcakes

Judoon Commander and Guard


Sontaran Cupcakes

Sontaran and Sontaran Commander Stark