Hello Kitty

Fabulous Hello Kitty and Friends Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

This Fabulous Hello Kitty and Friends cake was made by Art Cake.  This marvelous cake features Hello Kitty, Tippy, and Cathy.  The bottom of the cake is the outside of the house.  The house is pink bricks with a purple door and tow white square windows on each side of the door.  There is a pink,white and blue awning on top of the door.  The stoop in front of the door is white stone. There is a blue pot with a green bush on each of the door.

The top layers are rooms inside the house.  The top of the bottom layer of the cake is brown to represent a wooden floor. On it is  a purple chair and ottoman and multicolored rug. There is an orange lamp behind the purple chair. The middle cake layer has a white square window with pink curtains.  The side of the cake looks like white wallpaper with a floral striped pattern.  On the other side of the window is a blue table with yellow legs. The blue table has a pink cake and tow red cups. There are two green stools with yellow legs near the table. 

The top of the middle layer is brown to represent another wooden floor. There ia a blue dresser with green drawers and a mirror. A yellow pot with a pink flower is on top of the dresser. The side of the top layer of the cake is the same wallpaper floral striped pattern. 

The top of the cake has presents on it and hearts above it.

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