Green Lantern’s Light Shines On This Birthday Cake

Green Lantern Cake

Jo Takes The Cake made this Green Lantern Cake for Chloe, a green lantern fan, who was turning 6.  Chloe had a green and black Green Lantern dress with the green lantern symbol in the middle.  So, Jo designed this cake to match the dress.

On top of this cake are Green Lantern’s Mask and his power ring.  The birthday girl’s name is on the cake beside them. 

The side of the cake is black and green just like the front of Green Lantern’s costume.  The green part of the costume is ribbed to match the dress.  In the center of the textured green background is a white circle with the Green Lantern Symbol. Inside it is Chloe’s age.

To match the dress, the cake board is covered in green cloth and has a black bow that surrounds the cake.