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Great Green Lantern Groom’s Cake

Green Lantern Groom’s Cake

This terrific Green Lantern Groom’s Cake was made by Cakes by Susan.  The bottom of the cake is a cylinder.  It has the Green Lantern logo on it.  Susan decorated the bottom of the cake with covers to various issues of Green Lantern. 

The top of the cake has Green Lantern’s power battery and ring. The power battery is absolutely wonderful.  I never noticed this before looking at this cake, but the power battery is designed so that there is no top or bottom.  Both ends are the are the same and the handle is in the center.  This way, you can’t have the power battery upside down.  The ends have the Green Lantern logo on them.  The center of the power battery is when the Green Lantern would recharge their ring.  Susan did a wonderful job recreating the power battery.

I know a Green Lantern fan who would have loved to have this gorgeous cake at his wedding.