Aquaman Green Lantern Superheroes

Never Fear! These Justice League Cookies Are Here!

  Justice League Cookies

These fantastic Justice League Cookies were made by Hi Sweetie! Cookies. They feature Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash.


Justice League Cookies

I really like that these cookies include the classic Aquaman and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.  Aquaman has green gloves, his trident and short hair. While John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern (I loved him in the Justice League cartoon), it is nice to see Hal featured here.  


Justice League Cookies

I really like how most of the heroes are in action. Superman is using his heat vision. Aquaman is in a defensive stance with his trident in hand. Wonder Woman is using her lasso. Green Lantern is using his ring and you can see energy crackling from it. Flash is running and you can see him zooming past clouds. 

These are absolutely wonderful cookies.

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