Never Fear! These Justice League Cookies Are Here!

  Justice League Cookies

These fantastic Justice League Cookies were made by Hi Sweetie! Cookies. They feature Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash.


Justice League Cookies

I really like that these cookies include the classic Aquaman and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.  Aquaman has green gloves, his trident and short hair. While John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern (I loved him in the Justice League cartoon), it is nice to see Hal featured here.  


Justice League Cookies

I really like how most of the heroes are in action. Superman is using his heat vision. Aquaman is in a defensive stance with his trident in hand. Wonder Woman is using her lasso. Green Lantern is using his ring and you can see energy crackling from it. Flash is running and you can see him zooming past clouds. 

These are absolutely wonderful cookies.

Aquaman Meets The Little Mermaid

Aquaman meets The Little Mermaid Cake

This cool Aquaman meets The Little Mermaid cake was made by Andrea Kato Cake Designer.  The cake is painted blue to look like water and has sea weed, corals, and fish on it.  Hand painted version of Aquaman and Ariel are holding hands and swimming towards the front of the cake.  There are air bubbles attached to the cake and “sand” around the bottom of the cake to give it a neat 3-D effect.

The top of the cake has air bubbles, sea shells, a star fish, and Aquaman’s trident.


Close-up of Ariel

Instead of painting Aquaman and Ariel on another surface and then affixing them to the cake, Andrea painted them directly on the cake.  While that is much harder to do, I think it was a terrific choice because the characters blend in so well with the rest of the painted background.


Hand painted Shark

Fish are friends not food!

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Fabulous Aquaman and Mera Cakes

Aquaman and Mera Cakes

These Fabulous Aquaman and Mera Cakes features 3-D edible sculptures of both characters. They are from the Aquaman movie.

These cakes were made for the Let’s Dream Together Again Cake collaboration.  Every entry must have at least 2 cake artists and 2 pieces.

These cake are incredible! They are excellent edible statues of these characters.

Aquaman Cake

This wonderful Aquaman cake was made by Daniel Dieguez Cake Artist.

Mera Cake

This wonderful Mera cake was made by Daniel Casero Perez. she is 1.15 meters high.

Here’s more pictures of Aquaman.

Aquaman cake

Aquaman Cake

Aquaman Cake

Another picture of Mera

Mera Cake

Mera is dressed in the live jellyfish ballgown that she wears for the big King Orm v. Arthur gladiator fight in the lava fire stadium.

Awesome Aquaman Cake

Aquaman Cake

This great Aquaman Cake was made by Shalenok.  This is a two layer cake.  The cake looks like the sea and has an incredible looking octopus swimming in it.  Aquaman is on top of the cake and one of the octopus’ tentacles is reaching out of the water.  Mera and Atlanna stand on each side of the cake.  The handmade figures of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Amber Heard’s Mera, and Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna are amazing.


Aquaman Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of the amazing Jason Momoa’s Aquaman cake topper.