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Cute Baby Yoda Cookies


Baby Yoda Cookies

Baby Yoda (Grogu) Cookies

I made these Disney Baby Yoda cookies for a nice little boy who loves Disney’s The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

I looked online and found two  How to draw Baby Yoda videos that I liked. I based my cookies on these tutorials.

I wanted one that was cute and faced front. I liked the simplicity and the shading and coloring of this drawing. I also liked the way the inside of the ears were shaded in a golden brown, and the way the robe was multiple shades of golden brown and brown. 


In addition, I based my second cookie on this pose of Baby Yoda and colored it to match the first one. I liked the way he look up at the sky in this pose.

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I also made these Pink Baby Yoda cookies with him in his pram for a baby shower.

In addition I made these number Mandalorian cookies for my son’s 21st birthday.