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Terrific 2-sided Hulk Wedding Cake

Batman Wedding Cake

This Terrific 2-sided Hulk Wedding cake was made by Sandra’s cakes

This Splendid Superhero Wedding Cake has a Spider-Man tier, a Batman tier, a Superman tier, and Hulk standing as the groom on the top of the cake. The other half of the cake is a traditional white wedding cake with a bride in a white wedding dress on the top. There are dark pink flowers on the traditional side of the cake.

Hulk Wedding Cake

The Spider-Man tier is red with black spider webs and a black spider. The Batman tier is gray with black building silhouettes with yellow windows. The black and yellow Bat-Signal is in the sky. The top layer of the cake is blue with the red and yellow Superman symbol.

Spider-Man Wedidng Cake

The bride is holding black roses to match Hulk’s black tuxedo.