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Darling Catwoman Cake Topper

Catwoman Cake Topper 

This Darling Catwoman Cake Topper was made by Le Delizie Di Kicca. Catwoman is wearing black lipstick and she has a smug smile on her face. She has long black eyelashes. Her cowl is black with small black cat ears. Her reddish brown hair sticks out behind her cowl.

Catwoman is wearing a form fitting black costume with black gloves. Her costume has a gold belt around her waist and black boots with gold buckles. She is holding the handle of a black whip is one hand and the coiled end of the whip in the other hand.

She looks like she is contemplating her next caper.  She is standing on her tiptoes, ready to spring into action.


Catwoman Cake Topper

Here is a side view of Catwoman on top of a single layer gold cake. The gold of the cake matches the gold of her belt and the buckles on her boots. 

Catwoman is one of my favorite Batman Villains.  Batman has a very colorful rogues gallery.  Too many of these villains are one trick ponies.  Penguin (before the Gotham TV series) committed bird themed crimes.  The Riddle left Batman and Robin puzzling clues. The Scarecrow made people face their worst fears.  While Catwoman started that way, somewhere along the way she because a much more complex character.  She is not just an ordinary cat burglar.  Her motives are often much more complex and sometime she even plays the hero.  I also like the way Catwoman and Batman have an on and off relationship.  Lastly, in this day and age of darkening characters, she is not a dark character.