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Marvelous Justice League Cookies

Justice League Cookies

These marvelous Justice League Cookies were made by Mommyluv’s Kitchen.  They feature Aquaman, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern.


Cyborg Cookie

Here is Cyborg with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern beside him.  Cyborg shows how amazing the detail on these cookies are.  Cyborg has boots, a glove, a cybernetic arm, a belt with a gold buckle, and a gold circle in the center of his chest.  You can see part of Victor Stone’s face; the rest of his face is cybernetic.  The detail on this one cookie is wonderful!  


Superman Cookie

Here is Superman with the Flash and Batman beside him.  Superman is has a blue costume with his classic chest emblem.  He has a red cape, boots, and belt.  I really like how Superman has the lock of hair which hangs down.  This is a wonderful Man of Steel Cookie.


Flash Cookie

Here is the Flash with Aquaman and Superman beside him.  Since the Flash is appearing on a great TV show and the Justice League movie, the movie gave Flash a different costume to make it easy to distinguish between the two versions.  This version is almost completely red and looks almost more like an armor.  Flash’s costume has a yellow lightning bolt chest symbol, and the lightning bolt symbols at the side of his head.


Wonder Woman Cookie

Here is Wonder Woman with Batman and Cyborg beside her.  Wonder Woman is wearing her gold tiara and her bracelets and holding her sword.  She has red and gold boots.  Her costume is red with blue and gold. 


Aquaman Cookie

Here is Aquaman with Wonder Woman and the Flash beside him.  Aquaman is holding his gold scepter.  Aquaman has long black hair and a beard.  He is wearing a costume that is green and looks like it had scales.  Aquaman has brown boots and a brown belt with a silver A on it.  His costume has padded shoulders and arms.


Batman Cookie

Here is Batman with Superman and Wonder Woman beside him.  Batman costume is grey with a black bat chest emblem.  He has a yellow utility belt.  His cowl, gloves, boots, and cape are black.


Justice League Party

Here are the JLA cookies as the center point of a gorgeous Justice League party.