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25 Fabulous Justice League Cakes

LEGO Batman Cake

This Amazing LEGO Batman Cake was made by my favorite cake decorator – Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  This stunning Batman Cake was 36 inches tall.  

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With the new Justice League movie coming out, I wanted to share with you some amazing cakes of these Superheroes – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman.

I’ll start with the Dark Knight.

My favorite version of the Batman is from Batman: The Animated Series. This is the same Batman that was in animated series Justice League.

My second favorite is Adam West’s version from Batman ’66.

Batman Cake

This Terrific Batman Cake is an amazing sculpted bust of the Dark Knight.  It was made by  Kek Couture  in Istanbul. 


Batman Cake

This Amazing Batman Cake was made by Fancy Cakes By Lauren.  This cake features Batman’s black cowl and cape, grey batsuit, and yellow utility belt.  


Batman Cake

This Wonderful 3-D Batman Cake was made by Bespoke Cakes. This cake features Batman in top physical condition. It shows off Batman’s six pack of ab muscles and great obliques and lats carved out of cake. 


Batman Cake

This Splendid Batman Cake was made by Di’s Delights. He is standing guard over the Gotham cityscape. The Bat-Signal is in the sky.


Batman Cake

This Terrific Batman Cake was made by  Cakes by Andreea. Batman is at the top of the cake and the bottom tiers of the cake represent Gotham.


Batman Cake

 This Gorgeous three tier Batman Cake was made by  Fancy Cakes by Lauren Kitchens.  The bottom layer is black and has a wonderful sculpted bust of Batman in front.  The second layer is Gotham City.  Making each individual building separately and then attaching them to cake makes the skyline look absolutely stunning.  The top layer is the sky and the Bat-signal. 


Batman Cake

This Elegant Gold Batman Silhouette cake was made by Kickshaw Cakes. This gold Batman silhouette looks great against the black cake background.


Batman 66 Cake

This Marvelous Batman ’66 Cake features the Batcave and the Batmobile. This terrific cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes .


LIfesize Batman v Superman Cakes

These stunning life sized cakes of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman were made by  Rose Macefield and her team .


Speaking of Superman, here are some great Superman cakes.

Superman Cake

This Superb Superman Cake was made by Cup N Cake. This cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration.  Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters. This Superman cake bears a striking resemblance to the Superman played by Henry Cavill in movie Man of Steel in 2013.


Superman Cake

This Marvelous Superman Cake was made by Pam, a student in one of Mike’s Amazing Cakes  classes.


Superman Cake


This Awesome Superman Cake  was made by Richard’s Cakes.

This superhero cake was made for a bakery superheroes window display.  This life-sized Man of Steel looks too good to eat.


LEGO Superman Cake 

This awesome LEGO Superman Birthday Cake was made by Sweet Treats.  Sweet Treats did a terrific job with this cake.  It is the spitting image of one of LEGO’s Superman minifigures. 


Superman Cake 

This Marvelous Superman Cake was made by Cake Central Member  Spense.  He is standing on a marble structure while looking out on the city. He has his hands on his hips.


Superman Cake

This Superb Superman Cake was made by Cake Central Member  Di-Di . He is bursting out through the top of the multi-tiered cake.


Superman Cake

This Great Superman Cake was made by For The Love of Cake.  He is standing on top of the cake. The cake is surrounded by green kryptonite crystals.


Superman 1st Birthday Cake

This cute  Superman 1st Birthday Cake  was made by  Just A Simple Cake by Mommy Sue.   The figure of Superman is adorable. The top layer is red with Superman’s emblem on it.  The bottom layer looks like Metropolis at night.  The cake’s primary colors are red, blue, and yellow which are also the colors of Superman’s costume.


Here comes Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman Book Cake

This terrific  Wonder Woman Cake was made by Danielle Lechuga from  Cup’N Cake.  She is leaping out of the pages of a comic book.


Wonder Woman Cake

This Fabulous Wonder Woman Cake was made by Cakeldy .  This fortieth Superhero birthday cake is composed of two square cakes that are paneled with edible printer pictures on the front sides of each square to create a great portrait of Wonder Woman. This is a very creative way to give the illusion of three dimensions to a two dimensional image.


 Wonder Woman Cake

This Fabulous Wonder Woman Costume Cake was made by Caketessa. This cake is an edible representation of Wonder Woman’s superhero costume. The top of the cake is red like a hunter’s moon and has a golden eagle breastplate on top of the red. The golden eagle breastplate is a symbol of Athena’s avian representations. The middle of the cake has a golden belt.  Wonder Woman’s golden Lasso of Truth is hanging off of her belt. The bottom of the cake is deep blue with a field of stars.  


Wonder Woman Cake

This Wonderful Wonder Woman Cake was made by  Cakes by Raewyn.  Raewyn’s handmade Wonder Woman figure is terrific.  I also really like how the cake looks like the America Flag.


Flash arrives on the scene.

The Flash Cake

This great  Flash Cake  was made by  Teté Cakes Design. Flash is racing past these blue buildings.


And now the King of the Atlantis – Aquaman.


Aquaman Cake

This Stunning Aquaman Cake was made by  Candymaniac.  Mania made this for the  Under The Sea Sugar Art Collaboration.  Jason Momoa’s version of the King of the Seven Seas is featured.

Aquaman is holding his trident in both hands as he rises up from the sea and the water is bursting away from him.   He has long brown hair and a beard.  He has armor on his arms which is held on by straps across his chest.


LEGO Aquaman Cake

This Awesome LEGO Aquaman Cake was made by  Lilás e Laranja.  Aquaman is wearing his classic costume with green pants, a yellow shirt, green gloves, and a yellow belt.  Aquaman has long blond hair and needs a shave.  He is carrying his trident.

I hope you have enjoyed these Justice League cakes.  See you next time,


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