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Amazing Life Size Batman v Superman Cakes

Life Size Batman v Superman Cakes

Believe it or not, these amazing sculptures are cakes.  These stunning life sized cakes of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman were made by Rose Macefield and her team. These cakes were made for the NEC International Cake Exhibition.

Batman and Superman are facing forward, but their heads are turned so that they are looking at each other.  Both are frowning and making fists. The detail on Batman and Superman are simply amazing! 


Life Size Batman v Superman Cakes

Here is Rose with her two cakes.  I love this photo because it shows how large these two cakes are.  I cannot image making two cakes that large.


Sensational Sculpted Cakes


Earlier this month, Rose released a new cake decorating book – Sensational Sculpted Cakes: How to sculpt and decorate spectacular novelty cakes.


Sensational Sculpted Cakes


Here is the description of Sensational Sculpted Cakes.

Rose Macefield shares her trade secrets and incredible design flair in this step-by-step guide to sculpting and decorating show-stopping novelty cakes. Beginning with the readily available sugarcrafting tools and materials required, she goes on to provide recipes for cakes, buttercream and royal icing. Learn how to level, stack, slice through and buttercream the cakes, and support their structure where required with dowels and cake boards. Rose shows how to sculpt shapes freehand or using templates., then how to cover a cake board and various shapes of sculpted cake with fondant (sugarpaste), and how to decorate the result with a variety of techniques including marbling, using a clay gun, airbrushing, modelling shapes and adding texture. Nine breathtaking projects are clearly explained with step-by-step photographs: a shitsu show dog, a rocker’s electric guitar, a one-eyed messy monster creating havoc, a teenage girl’s fashion sneakers with make up and other mess, a fisherman’s basket and rod with fish resting on pebbles, a tennis bag, racket and ball on court, a baker’s mixer, ingredients and cookies, a toy train and alphabet blocks on a wooden floor and a craft box with sewing equipment, fabric and lace spilling out. Rose’s attention to detail is extraordinary and her sense of humour a delight, yet everything is simple to make with her clear instructions.

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