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Batman Cakes

Here are over 60 terrific Batman cakes here. Many are just cakes with him as a sculpted cake or a fondant figure.  Some have Gotham cityscapes too.

A terrific version of the Batcave from Batman ’66 is a stunning cake.

The Batmobile appears several times also.

Several cakes include Robin and Batgirl.

Some terrific Joker cakes, Harley Quinn cakes, Poison Ivy cakes, and Two-Face cakes are here too as villains that oppose our hero.

Some are LEGO Batman themed.  All of those can also be found in LEGO Batman Cakes.

I have looked at many cakes and am presenting the best cakes I could find.  These are done by professional bakers or skilled home cooks.  They are truly edible creations of art.