Minion Chocolate Easter Egg

Marvelous Minion Chocolate Easter Eggs

These Marvelous Minion Chocolate Easter Eggs are 2 matching eggs made from finest Belgian milk chocolate.

This wonderful chocolate Easter egg was made by New York sweet Cyprus

Firstly, each Minion has a textured yellow outer layer. It looks like each is covered in fur. 

Secondly, each is wearing blue overalls with a black pocket.

Thirdly, Each has a red and white flower and bananas at the base.

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Batman Minion Cake

Cute Batman Minion Cake

This cute Batman Minion cake is a 3-D sculpted cake. The Minion is dressed in a Batman costume.   The cape extends out from him and does not touch the floor.

This wonderful cake was made by Chef Benny Rivera

The cake board looks like a wooden plank floor. It has a black ribbon border that matches his cowl and cape.

In addition, his utility belt is a separate piece of fondant. 

Moreover, the Bat Symbol is painted onto the gray just above the utility belt.

Furthermore, he has a lop-sided grin. 

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Minion Cake Pops

These marvelous Minion Cake Pops were made by Stripingly Sweet. The detail on these cake pops is amazing. You can see the buttons on their overalls, the teddy bears look furry, and their goggles look metallic.  My favorite part of these is the variety of Minions.


Minion Cake Pops


Here is an Instagram video showing these awesome cake pops close-up.

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