Darth Vader Minions Star Wars

Star Wars Month: Darth Vader Minion Cake

Darth Vader Minion Cake
Darth Vader Minion Cake

This cute Darth Vader Minion cake is a 3-D sculpted cake. It features a minion dressed up as Darth Vader. This wonderful cake was made by The Cake Hut.

This Minion must be a huge Star Wars fan. He is adorable in his Darth Vader costume. His goggles are part of his Vader helmet. He is holding a red light saber.

The Minion has black boots, black gloves, and a black cape.

I can just envision him and his pals having lots of fun with his pals in their Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker costumes as they act out various Star Wars movie scenes.

I’ve featured other Minion mashups.

The most popular Minion Mashup I’ve shared is this Minion Superman Cake.

This cute Hulk Minion Cake is too busy eating pizza to be angry.

This Batman Minion Cake is adorable! It has Batman with Max from The Secret Life of Pets.

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