Adorable Hulk Minion Cake

Hulk Minion Cake

What do you get when the birthday boy asks for a cake featuring a Minion who looks like the Hulk.  Oh, and can he be eating pizza?  If you’re lucky enough to have Ania from Red Polka-Dot Designs as the baker, you get this absolutely adorable cake!

The design of the Hulk Minion is too cute!  Like the Hulk, he is green and muscular.  He has messy black hair and is wearing torn purple pants.  But, like a Minion he has large eyes, goggles and an oversized mouth. I love how he is eating pizza with one hand while making a muscle with the other.  And as the birthday boy requested, he is eating pizza!

The Hulk is green.  The cake board is grey and round and could almost pass for a manhole cover.  Plus, there is pizza.  One person upon realizing this asked the perfect question – did he steal the pizza from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  


Hulk Minion Cake Topper


Cutest Hulk ever?

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