Minions Shrek Mashup Cookies

Minions Shrek Mashup Cookies
Minions Shrek Mashup Cookies

These adorable Minions Shrek Mashup Cookies were made by Andre Cookies. They were made for a second birthday. There are four different cookie designs in this delightful set:

  • Wooden signs with the child’s name on them. Notice the banana on the top of the M.
  • A green 2 with Shrek ears. The background of these cookies is white with bananas.
  • Another adorable wooden sign, but this one says Beware Ogre and has Shrek’s head on it.
  • The cutest Minion wearing a Shrek mask that covers the top half of his head. His eyes are wide, his mouth is open and his hands are sticking out as if he is trying to scare you. But he is so cute that it is impossible to be scary.

This is such a wonderful set of cookies!

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